Album View: Checking Out Mike Comfort's "Pretty Sweet Stuff"


Mike Comfort

Spending over 15 years in the music industry, releasing six studio albums, Mike Comfort decided to celebrate it by releasing a special compilation record titled “Pretty Sweet Stuff”, which received its official release on July 26, 2016. Rounding up songs from previous records, might not be an easy job for Mike and his bands, but they did a good job in collecting excellent tracks that will surely entertain many music lovers, notably those who are fascinated with alternative rock genre since that's basically the type of music which Mike and co play. For this outing, the band gathered about 20 tracks that are considered as the best ones from their previous six releases.


Starting out this fine compilation outing, Mike Comfort opted to put out 'Dissaray' as the fist track, giving out that immediately brought it that alternative rock vibe with solid vocals and that moderate heavy distortion. This track also being arranged in such harmonic and melodic fashion, making it a 'friendly' rockin' tune that can be enjoyed with listener from different genres. 'Fall On Me' has more hard rock kind of approach on its refrain part, but it was combined with a rather nice ballad atmosphere at the start. 'Free' provides that alternative feel straight from the intro and continue to do so with another fine distortion and melodic combination.


'Falling Away' begins with such a nice classic rock kind of guitar acoustic vibe on its intro, but eventually shifting into that alt rock atmosphere from the verse onwards. A rather unique addition of electronic stuff can be discovered in 'Here With You', who also has that bitter, slightly depressing atmosphere as it's a rather sad song. Another hollow kind feeling along with alternative ambiance with melodic feel can be heard on the next track titled 'Empty'. A more pop-ballad feel is shown in the track called 'Unreal', obviously that rock alternative basic remain strong in this track. 'A Reason' is also another catchy song that fans should really check out as it brings out that nice feeling of fun and comfortable rock piece. 'Father' is another deeply emotional track which brings out the nice song writing ability from Mike and fine arrangement by his band mates.


Another sort of modern electronic atmosphere is being offered from a track called 'Buried', which once again didn't lose it's rock identity. 'Towards the Sun' will take music fans falling deeper into the band's sweet, deep and moving musical journey with another melodic arrangement and singable lyrics. 'Don't Change Your Mind' is being selected to close out this compilation album and it is somewhat a proper ending as it sort of end the melancholic melodic atmosphere with another fine track that brings out that atmosphere in a solid manner. Overall, this record pretty much lives up to its' title as the songs being presented are definitely some pretty sweet stuff, that can surely attracted attention of music enthusiasts.


Starting out sometime in 2000, when Mike meet up with his guitarist and backing vocals, Chris Holmes, they eventually end up creating the band consisting of DJ Farrel (drums), Jonathan Stoyanoff (bass) along with Brandon Mains (guitar). They survive 15 long years of intriguing musical journey, releasing six albums which are being captured in this latest compilation release “Pretty Sweet Stuff”. Not particularly updated with online promotion, Mike Comfort band might not get the recognition they could have in world wide market, but they're getting plenty of love from local music scenes. Naturally, with their latest outing, those who haven't know them yet can eventually catch their music and this album is the best way of introducing what they've been doing up till now. Fans of rock music should definitely check out the band's latest release just like its title, it will give you nothing else aside from sweet rockin' stuff.


Full track list for Mike Comfort's Pretty Sweet Stuff:

Fall On Me
Here With You
Simple And True
A reason
Story Of Your Smile
Upside Down
What It Means
Matter Of Truth
Towards The Sun
Anywhere With You
Don't Change Your Mind

released date: July 26, 2016


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