Album View: Everlost US' New Record "Live and Let Go"

Everlost US New Album

Another interesting one band music project arrived at our desk, this time carrying the alternative rock brigade comes Everlost US, which is founded by talented musician/songwriter Jared Kay. After previously debuting with his EP titled “The Hardest Things to Say' back in 2014, Jared returned with another exciting stuff earlier this month by releasing his new album called “Live and Let Go”. On the new outing, the songwriter unleashed seven alt rock songs which somewhat have deep and personal meanings, based on its titles alone. Under the name Everlost US, Jared is hoping that his latest release can show his musical growth and eventually getting his name into the ears and heart of music lovers all over the globe.


The record started out with a lovely melodic instrumental track titled 'Breathe' which is somewhat made as an intro into Everlost US musical journey. Albeit an instrumental track, but the lovely melodic keyboard play and pop like arrangement is definitely exciting and suitable start for this record. A more rockin' atmosphere will be felt immediately by fans on the album's title track as it's an up tempo and energetic track with nice piano riffs and heavy distortion.'Wait for You' offer fine guitar riffs and another nice melody with slight pop alternative atmosphere during the verse before things get rocked again during its refrain. Another feel good alt rock piece that can easily connect with any music fans, notably those who can somewhat relate with the lyrics.


'What You Wanted' is another track that combine melodic piano play, rockin distortion and soulful song writing with fine musical arrangement completing it. Despite being an upbeat alt rock piece, this track still manage to express that bittersweet feeling that the lyrics carry. A more pop and ballad feel can be heard from 'Tell Them They're Wrong' which is also dominated by lovely piano play before the distortion kicked in during the middle end part of that track. 'I'm Doing My Best' is quite interesting musically as aside from the alternative rock feel there's also that pop punk atmosphere being blend into it, creating a nice mix of easy listening rocking song. Finally this record ended with a nice acoustic piece titled 'These Terrible Hands', which showcasing more of Jared's song writing style and vocal character.


Overall, Everlost US' new album “Live and Let Go” is a nice alternative rock adventure that can be pleasing enough for those keen on this genre of any diverse music fans who enjoy ear catchy stuff. Musically, the songs are well arranged, though there's nothing super technical or complicated being brought in, but it's very suitable with the song writing style and emotion that Jared seemingly keen on expressing with his lyrics. The tracks being written are very melodic and enjoyable enough to listen, with such emotional atmosphere being introduced through its lyrics. Those who are looking for something super heavy might not find this album a fitting place, but if they are looking for something fun, melodic and comforting, than they should just definitely get their hands on this latest release from Everlost, which was officially outed on August 6.


Full Track list for Everlost US' New Album “Live and Let Go”:


1. Breathe
2. Live and Let Go
3. Wait For You
4. What You Wanted
5. Tell Them They're Wrong
6. I'm Doing My Best
7. These Terrible Hands


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