Album View: Human Darts' New EP "Explicit Thoughts"


Gearing up for a new full album release in 2017, rock music project called Human Darts decided to unleash an EP titled “Explicit Thoughts”, which was outed back on October 25, 2016.This release consist of four tracks, such as: 'Tell My Sister', 'Zombie Man Chant', 'Hey Good Lookin', 'Stitches'. Just from those titles, one can somewhat figure out that there's that element of fun and non complicated musical message that the Darts are keen on expressing with their songs. The band being led by the mysterious musician Mr. Zelk, supposedly determined in bringing their stuff again back into a much bigger audience after first starting out the fun project back in late 70's.


The song chosen as this EP's main track is 'Tell My Sister', an energetic rockabilly sounding piece that carry that simple, comedic message with exciting playing. This track also has that classic 70's feel with it's vocal style, riffs but is not too old fashion as the thick sound and fun atmosphere makes it really likable even for modern generation. 'Zombie Man Chant' has that rock and roll vibe with nice guitar playing combines with a rather bizarre theme, funny lyrics along with some fun classic keyboard fills. Just like the earlier track, this second one is another entertaining piece that despite its rather vintage approach, music lovers from different genre can still enjoy it without much complain.


'Hey Good Lookin' somewhat combines that up tempo rockabilly sound with slight vintage punk feel, creating such high energy track with fine composition. The joyful keyboard fill in the song really brings out that 70's rock vibe, not to mention the raw vocals which blend nicely with the whole music. The final track from this EP is 'Stitches', which has slightly more punk kind of atmosphere though it doesn't eliminate that vintage rockabilly style that remain as the band's main sound on this record. This final track continue to bring that joyful vibe with such catchy riffs, simple and quite funny lyrics, without diminishing the musical quality. Overall, it's a vintage sounding record that can be seen as the Human Darts' re-introduction into the music world that have obviously change from the day that Mr. Zelk start the whole project.


Although the songs being offered by this rockers, composed of Mr. Zelk (drums, keyboards, lead vocals); Shane Close (guitar, vocals) along with John Arduser (guitar, vocals), might not be something that everyone find attractive, it's still an fun and entertaining record that can be enjoyed even for those outside of rock genre. The vintage atmosphere doesn't make them less interesting as with fine song composition and musical arrangement, Human Darts were able to deliver ear catching pieces. In all, music enthusiasts who are keen with this type of genre should definitely check out their EP, while waiting patiently for the release of their upcoming full album sometime in 2017.


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Here is the full track listing for Human Darts' EP “Explicit Thoughts”:


Tell My Sister

Zombie Man Chant

Hey Good Lookin'