Album View: Rahm's New EP "Between the Lines"


An interesting an intriguing rock progressive artist called Rahm is set to capture the heart of music lovers all over the globe as he is about to release his first EP titled “Between the Lines” outed on November 11, 2016. On that album, the rocker recorded five tracks which seemingly portraying his views on love, fatherhood and friendship, themes that are very close with his personal life. Spending his day job as software programmer, the artist showcasing his musical talent is something that deserve appreciation, especially with the work his done in his new outing. Basically, the stuff that the musician is keen on bringing is that classic prog rock vibe, such as Genesis, Pink Floyd or King Crimson.


Starting out the EP, Rahm delivered a track titled 'You Are not Alone' that has that soothing kind of feel with birds like sound being added in the beginning. The lyrics and vocals sound rather poetic and there's also that melodic ballad kind of touch, creating such calming rock experience. Lovely female backing vocal provided in this track also added more value for it as everything just blend in nicely. The record's title track comes up next and it offers more of that poetic approach, but it has a slightly mysterious and darker kind of vibe. Musically it's a well arranged progressive rock piece with nice composition, sound along with that enchanting feel that makes it emotional and extravagant.


'Always on the Run' has a soft and ballad approach, with another poetic singing and somewhat deep meaning as Rahm seemingly talked about his son on that track. There's an interesting musical composition where the rocker inserted that fun children song riffs combined with orchestra like stuff in some part of the song. Another nature kind of vibe being provided in the intro of 'Coming Home' as the artist offer another enchanting musical journey with lovely soothing musical fest, notably the brass section solo which makes it more exciting. The final song from “Between the Lines” EP is 'Fool for You' that continue that nature approach on its intro, but offers more acoustic approach and bluesy guitar solo. There's also an interesting French language being inserted in the track, adding another interesting atmosphere into the whole musical piece.


Overall, Rahm's EP titled “Between the Lines” is an interesting musical project which might not be something for everyone, but those who have listened to his track can always find that urge to keep listening for more. The songs are well composed and musically very exciting, especially for those who are quite keen on this type of genre. The songs being offered might not be too catchy for many music fans' ears, but it have that soothing and calming atmosphere which can give a relaxing feel for anyone listening. This mini album, hopefully can be a stepping stone for more exciting stuff from the rocker as he has shown his potential in crafting such fine musical pieces.


Here is the full track listing for Rahm's EP “Between the Lines”:


1. You Are Not Alone
2. Between The Lines
3. Always On The Run
4. Coming Home
5. Fool For You


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Listen to some songs from Rahm's new EP : “Between the Lines” on his official Youtube page:



'Between the Lines'

'Coming Home'

'You Are not Alone'