Album View: American High's "Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement"


Being strongly influenced by 60's/70's rock scene along with Punk musical scenes, Californian based quartet called American High are getting themselves involved into the music realm with their debut full length released entitled “Bones in the Attic, Flower in the Basement”. Not only setting up a pretty long name for their album, the band also crafted good amount of songs as in total they composed 13 exciting and rockin' tracks. Already getting its official release back on March 8 this year, music lovers can already check out their latest outing and riding along an intense musical journey that they're arranging via that record.


Starting out their musical journey, the band picked a song called 'Fairfield CA' which is an acoustic alternative rock song with strong pop punk vibe into it. Just like many track of similar genre, this one also offer that comforting, joyful mood while listening to it, especially since the melody is quite catchy with pretty simple lyrics as well. 'Moon' offers a slightly gloomy atmosphere, but remain entertaining with such nice melodic play throughout the entire track. This song also offer a more 60's/70's approach combined with their basic acoustic alternative base. The band's third piece is 'Pretty Baby' which added more distortion, creating a somewhat thicker sound though their classic 60's feel remain strong on this one.


Another Beatles like vibe can be heard from 'Sister, Don't Believe It' which is very nostalgic, especially for those who also enjoy this type of music and haven't been able to enjoy one in recent years. 'September' brought back that pop punk vibe and smooth alternative acoustic rock again, providing such nice combination of songs in between. Starting out with comforting seagull sounds, 'Sensei', gives out a more punk round sound with heavy acoustic riffs, but remain melodic and melancholy in a certain way as well. '11761' will take fans into a deeper musical atmosphere with full guitar acoustic play giving out slight ballad approach. 'Test Pilot' is another fun alternative piece with a slightly mysterious atmosphere along with that unique contrasting combo of gloomy and fun rockin' feel. Another track with pretty deep meaning is 'I Can't Change' which the band consider as one of their attempt in warning for human of the cost in trying to force things in the world.


'Forgive, Forget You' another song with supposedly gloomy and dark vibe, but being wrapped in such comforting acoustic rock melodies, creating such ear catchy piece that should attract many music fans from different genre. Closing out the album is a track called 'Berty's Never Gone' which once again providing that unique freeform kind of musical atmosphere which the band have been able to introduce throughout their album in a very subtle fashion. Combining many stuff musically with unique changes and uncommon pattern, but never seems to lose that melodic feel which simply brought such fun experience for listeners. Overall, “Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement” is certainly an interesting record which offer strong and unique musical approach with their basic alternative rock theme combined with 60's/70's feel and punk vibe as well.


Keen on offering their own impression over many things that matters to them, notably their anti-war message along with tribute towards top artists who have gone before them, American High certainly put out a quality record. The decision made by D.T.(rhythm guitar), E.S.(lead guitar), F.M. (Bass), T.M. (drums) in arranging a freeform methods for their songwriting simply makes their new record much more intriguing and fun. Despite having such strong basic style, the foursome tracks are far from being boring and simply interesting, especially since it's also well arranged with such lovely melodies being implemented.



Full track list for American High's new album “Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement”:

 Fairfield CA


Pretty Baby

Sister, Don't Believe It





Test Pilot

Warm Words Flow

I Can't Change

Forgive+Forget You

Berty's Never Gone


Album's official release date: March 8, 2017


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