Album Review: Chickenpox Party's Self Titled Debut

Discovering new exquisite music talent has always been something fun for Rock-Expert and this time, we also like to continue our journey by introducing an interesting progressive blues rock band called, Chickenpox Party. This exciting trio consisting of, Gregory Smith (guitar, vocals), Brodie Davis (drums), Joey Jones (bass on the album, mixing, production) with the addition of Dustin Durr who plays bass at live performances. Nevertheless, it was the previous three who worked things out for the self-titled debut, crafting 12 tracks which showcase their strong southern rock root with some exquisite guitar playing and interesting themes.


This record started out with the rather odd 'Scrabby the Clown' a 50 seconds birthday party atmosphere intro paving way for the heavy instrumental blues rock with progressive feel in 'Dumbentia'. 'Into the Woods' offer a raw blues rock riffs along with classic rocking vocals, while 'Fair Whetered Friend' had some kind of poetry musical stuff early on, before getting back into that bluesy rock feel. There's also some kind of fusion atmosphere that this band presented on their song, 'Mamacita' once again presenting the wide range of musicality that Chickenpox Party possesses. Overall, the blues rock feel is very strong indeed from this record, especially with its guitar riffs and raw sound that will often take music fans back into that 70's rock scenes.


Smith's vocal also has that classic rock sounding that might not common in current era, but it doesn't make any of their songs sounding old fashioned. The music is well crafted with strong guitar playing, neat and smooth performing as well from both bass and drums, creating such find rocking sound that's more than enjoyable for fans of this genre. Although the songs doesn't really offer consistent catchy parts, but somehow it's mean to be listened as a whole notably because of its strong musical composition, especially the guitar riffs. Being experience people in the music world, Chickenpox Party obviously didn't show any technical deficiencies on their debut album, making it a worthwhile record for every rock fans to enjoy.


Chickenpox Party themselves are not being too old fashion or stingy with their promo as the band actually making the record available for streaming via their official site along with other social medias. Music enthusiasts who are keen on checking out a quality Southern Rock stuff should definitely hear them out and purchase their album as it's being sell at a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, so far there's no music videos that have been released in support of this record so we can really share anything much, that's why more info about this rockers' stuff can be checked out at their website or social medias.

Full track list for Chickenpox Party's Self Titled Debut album:

Release date : October 10, 2015

01 - Scabby the Clown (Intro, featuring Ethan Gabriel Jack)
02 - Dumbentia
03 - In The Woods
04 - Fair Weathered Friend
05 - Ill Deliberation
06 - Mamacita
07 - Just the Same
08 - Long Way Back
09 - Blues For Jesus
10 - It's A Man's Man's Man's World (James Brown cover, licensed)
11 - One More Nail
12 - So Long

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