Album View: Jacqui L's "Planet Parallel 5"


Another interesting progressive rock musician named, Jacqui L, set to bring out an intriguing entertainment into the music realm with the release of her new album entitled “Planet Parallel 5” on May 5, 2017. The mysterious concept character artist, who set up this alien/scorpion character simply brought strong philosophical lyrics into her songs, crafting such unique piece of album. Writing in total of 12 tracks, the rock artist is simply keen on taking the music fans into her intriguing realm of musical adventure that blend plenty exciting vibe into exciting prog rock/metal pieces. The music that this Australian based artist create, supposedly inspired with things she saw in the current media, about her confusion towards people's way of thinking.


In her fantasy world of “Planet Parallel 5”, Jacqui L started the musical journey with a track called 'Happy Birthday', a short track filled with nothing much aside from vocals play as she sings out intriguing lyrics. 'Frankestein' followed up as the next piece with that progressive sound, bringing up fine arrangement with quite interesting riffs and catchy chorus part. Another sophisticated track being presented through 'Rich Man', a fun prog rock that combines several different atmosphere into one, creating that certain vibe that trigger interest from the listener. 'I'll Covet' has that dark mysterious ambiance, blending perfectly with the melody, vocals along with lyrics which once again tells about the musician's process of thought over seemingly famous pretty girls.


An exciting progressive metal piece can be enjoyed from 'Cold' which started out with slow jazzy bass runs, before that metal guitar riffs kicks in bringing the mysterious musical atmosphere back into the groove. Not much singing being presented though in the track aside from simple vocalization in certain part of the instrumental showcase. A more futuristic vibe is heard from 'Decaying Orbit' especially from its intro/chorus part which has that MUSE kind of bit, but the strong prog-rock being brought back during the verse and bridge to create that rich, intriguing combo. 'Under the Noise' brings out a more hard rock/metal kind of vibe with a more straightforward arrangement, though the basic progressive element still remain. 'Could Be' has a slower pace compared to previous tracks, but that mysterious kind of feel never seems to stop lingering from Jacqui L's music, including this one.


'Stroke It' offers a quite exciting guitar playing with that nice wah effects being used added with some shredding solos at the end. The album is being wrapped up with a track called 'Distraction', another mysteriously crafted music with that hollow, odd atmosphere that seems to be taking music fans into a different realm or planet. In all, Jacqui L's “Planet Parallel 5” is certainly an intriguing album which wort checking out by any prog rog/metal enthusiasts who are searching for any new artists in this current era. Her out of space concept can somehow be heard from her songs, mainly from the sound she brings out creating that unique atmosphere throughout the record. Despite being sophisticated, the concept artist's music is quite enjoyable actually as her strong melodic sense making it ear-catchy at times.


Full track listing of Jacqui L's new album “Planet Parallel 5”:


1. Happy Birthday
2. Frankenstein
3. Rich Man
4. I'll Covet
5. Cold
6. Decaying Orbit
7. Under the Noise
8. Could Be
9. Stroke It
10. Distraction

album's official release date: May 5, 2017

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'I'll Covet'