Viewing The Dystopian Project's Sophomore Release "Paradigm"


Rock music never seems to lose quality new musicians, even in this era were the genre might not be that widely popular compared to many other styles. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop rockers to produce their works and earn that lime light such as what this exciting Ireland based band called The Dystopian Project recently did with the release of their sophomore EP entitled “Paradigm”. Being officially formed back in 2013, this group of talented musicians already outed their debut back in 2015 with a mini album called “Death Leaves an Echo”, so now they believes it's the best year to follow things up with their second one, which consist of four exciting head banging music.


Intriguing combination of hard rock, progressive rock, metal and even acoustic, the five piece band embarked on an epic music journey that will take fans of the genre experiencing many excitement. Starting of with 'Ashes of Time', the song brought a mysterious, dark kind of atmosphere with such epic progressive rock musical piece that has strong melodic flavor into it. The male – female vocals combination added that nice melodic-metal element as well, giving fans slight hint of some type of folk-metal kind of style being inserted as well due to its strong orchestral arrangement. Somewhat similar kind of approach can also be heard from the band's second track 'BGN', another song with strong vocals display and simply offering that rich metal combo musical along with fine melodic guitar playing as well.


The next track being presented in this EP is 'Death Leaves an Echo' that started off with nice melodious acoustic intro before being hit with heavy progressive rock riffs. This song continue to offer that strong vocal and combination of exciting rocking sound with melodic playing, making it a very intriguing music that can easily be enjoyed by music fans from different genre. This mini album is being concluded with a 19 minutes trilogy suite like track called 'The Utopian Side (Ascension, Acceptance, Decline). This long minutes of musical experience starts off with such beautiful instrumental piece accompanied by the regularly excellent heavy hitting riffs and lovely singing. Certainly the added orchestration brings out many interesting aspect into the whole music of the band, especially for this trilogy suite as having more than 15 minutes song require certain kind of extra to maintain that enjoyment.


Overall, The Dystopian Project's sophomore EP “Paradigm” is certainly a quality rock/metal album that has what it takes to sway fans of that genre or even global music lovers in enjoying the musical experience this Ireland based musicians are offering. Consisting of Darrin Bell (Drums), Phil Dolan (Lead & Rhythm guitars), Hytham Martin (Vocals/Lead & Rhythm guitars), Tess Olivia (Vocals and Ivan O'Sullivan (Vocals & Bass), the band have showcased their talent with strong music writing and arrangement aside from quality instruments playing. Having their second EP finally outed on August 1, this rockers will be hoping that they can receive positive response from the rock music lovers as they continue to make their mark in this vast industry.


Full track listing for The Dystopian Project's Self-released EP “Paradigm”:


Ashes of Time


Death Leaves an Echo

The Utopian Side (Ascension, Acceptance, Decline)


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'Ashes of Time'