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Another exciting rock album is set to entertain music fans as on November 9, 2017, Ivan Beecroft will be unleashing his new record entitled “Whatever”. Being known for his versatility, the Australian rocker, set up 11 rockin' songs which are filled with different influences, delivering such interesting musical trip that can be enjoyed by many. On the upcoming album, Ivan was very determined in showcasing his real self, without trying to be pretentious as he shares many day to day experiences via song lyrics. The rocker's experience as a working class person being honestly told throughout this musical journey, giving out that raw and energetic atmosphere.


Being influences with singers such as Jim Morrison along with Eddie Vedder, Ivan brought such an interesting approach to his music since the Melbourne based musician blend that deep kind of voice with a retro rock kind of style. Even from the opening track, 'Sleepwalker' listener can somewhat grasp what kind of stuff they can expect from the whole album. An exciting rockin' riff ripping down smoothly combined with that intriguing voice and anthem like chorus, simply a fine combination. A pretty strong grunge element can be felt from 'Say It to My Face' which aimed to take shot at political propaganda shared by corporate using radio talk show hosts.


'You Can't Take My Soul' has that slight alternative rock vibe combined with that retro rock atmosphere, simply connection properly with the lyrics. The inspiration for this song itself arrived from a character from the movie “Shawshank Redemtion” who is called Andy Dufresne (played by Tim Robbins. The lead single chosen for this album itself is 'Believe' which has been received well on the national rock charts of local digital radios. It's a quite fun an entertaining song with a pretty strong pop feel, but also deep emotional touch which makes it exciting. 'How Do You Sleep at Night' offer a lovely melody which blends well with the somewhat sad/angry story behind the song, which tells about a sorrowful incident about sexual assault on a woman.


A slight psychedelic feel can be heard from 'Ordinary Man', giving out that bit of Pink Floyd atmosphere, once again showcasing Ivan's versatile musical influences. 'Lost Child' brings out that comforting acoustic rock feel, which is being combined well with the rocker's deep vocal, resulting in such powerful yet sweet track. The new album itself is being concluded with another lovely acoustic rock- ballad single called 'One Last Goodbye'. Certainly a fine ending to such lovely music trip that offers lots of raw, honest emotion with some fine song writing and musical arrangements. Overall, “Whatever” is an emotionally enchanting rock album that can easily attract attention from music fans outside of that genre, notably with comforting riffs, lovely melodies along with deep and meaningful lyrics.


Full track listing for Ivan Beecroft's New Release “Whatever”:



Say It to My Face

You can't take my Soul

Got A Reputation

She Said


How Do You Sleep at Night

Broken Wing

Ordinary Man

Lost Child

One Last Goodbye

Album's release date: November 9, 2017


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'You Can't Take My Soul'