Album Review: Opium Denn's "Demarkation"

Opium Denn

Discovering an art rock/progressive rock piece wrapped in one intriguing concept album is definitely a rare experience this days, that's probably what triggered Opium Denn in crafting his debut outing titled "Demarkation". In this artistic piece which is said as a mixture of Pink Floyd with Blue Oyster Cult, music lovers will be taken into a thrilling 37 minutes long of musical journey that captured the musician's mysterious aura. Consisting of nine tracks, the artist starts his music tale with 'I am a feeling #1', that immediately take us into an instrumental art rock experience until the vocals finally kicks in by the end.


'I am a feeling' itself is being divided into three parts, providing an interesting and depth perspective into what Opium Denn had in mind. 'Leaf' still trying to capture that mysterious, gloomy atmosphere with a rather alternative/art rock mixture, added with meaningful lyrics seemingly taking listeners deeper into the artist's musical world. The third track, 'So Many Faces' had a rather brighter approach with its interesting riffs, while the common hard rock fans will definitely enjoy 'Eyes To The Sky' and the album title track 'Demarkation' as those two give out a more natural hard rock sound.


Overall it is a very interesting record as Opium Denn shared his ideas, feelings and mood through his music with "Demarkation. Although the gloomy and rather dark atmosphere might not be to everyone's taste, but this mysterious like musician was able to transfer his emotion throughout that album. Musically, one might not find any spectacular technical playing in this outing, but this album surely brings out an artistic vibe along with a certain kind of feeling that I honestly can't fully describe. This is one of those record that can get music fans really keen on hearing all songs from start to the end, because of that unique atmosphere each songs have. Explaining more about his concept and ideas, through the music videos streamed on YouTube, Opium Denn has somewhat hinted that his debut album is about a certain life journey.


This album is definitely one that music enthusiasts, especially those rock lovers should try to check out since it can offer something different from what we normally hear recently. "Demarkation" itself has been officially released back in October 23, 2015 under Artist International Inc label, so those who are keen on getting their hands on it can check out any music stores or the internet. More information about this mysterious artist can be discovered at Opium Denn's official Facebook page and those who haven't hear any of his music can check out some official clips that have been streamed streamed on YouTube.


Complete Track Listing for Opium Denn's "Demarkation":
1. I Am a Feeling #1
2. Leaf (Key track)
3. So Many Faces (Key track)
4. A Drone
5. Eyes to the Sky (Key track)
6. I Am a Feeling #2
7. Masks & Uniforms
8. Demarkation (Key track)
9. I Am a Feeling #3

Here are some of Opium Denn's music videos:

'I Am a Feeling #1'



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