Album Review: Andy Evans' Debut Album "Miracle"


Andy Evans

Another quality rock-blues album is set to entertain music lovers as Texas based musician, Andy Evans who released his debut album titled "Miracle" on January 26th, 2016. Inspired by top musicians such as, Fleetwood Mac, Rush, The Allmand Brothers Band, Jack White, Ryan Adams and many others, this upcoming record from James is certainly a breeze of fresh air in the current era where new quality rock album is quite rare. There are nine songs that are being presented in this debut album, including a 46 second of intro which is more like some sort of random mix from all the other eight tracks.


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Album Review: Year of the Locust's New Album "Devolver"

Another exciting stuff arrived for Metal/Modern Rock enthusiasts this year, as Long Island based rockers, Year of the Locust(YOTL) are set to release their full length record entitled “Devolver” on July 22. The upcoming album consist of 13 hard rockin' tracks that should fully entertain fans of this type of genre. Being produced by Jimmy Sabella and mastered by Don Zientara, YOTL are not messing around with their upcoming release, especially since the band put on such strong themes and messages, from war, drug addiction, personal growth, redemption and many more. Those serious ideas along with heavy and exciting sound are being combined in a fine manner by the band as it can be heard even from the short 'Intro' they put out to start the whole musical adventure.


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