American Amnesia’s Debut Record “Yet Here We Are”

Alternative Rock genre haven’t been hitting the music heights in recent years, but that certainly won’t stop new musicians playing that style, just like this young talented rockers calling themselves, American Amnesia, who are ready to hit the big stage as an alt rock band. Consisting of three exciting teenage rockers: Patrick Nemaizer (lead vocals and guitar), Sam Cesnak (drums and vocals) along with Gus Pac (bass and vocals) the trio are embarking themselves into the music realm with their debut album “Yet Here We Are”. Keen on expressing their musical talent, the rockers combined different rock styles on their record, resulting in eleven exciting 11 tracks that will entertain many music lovers.

In the album, listeners will be taken into American Amnesia’s energetic musical journey starting from the raw rockin ‘Time’ that features a hard hitting riffs and that strong vocals display with strong alt rock feel combined with that slight progressive rock kind of atmosphere creating such unique sounding. A fun kind of hard rock element can be heard from ‘The One’ which continue to showcase that heavy and smooth sound, vocals and exciting guitar playing. Strong alternative element is being offered by ‘The Candle’ that provide such fun, energetic feel, but also with strong and emotional singing, making it an intriguing song to check out.

A show of the band’s technical prowess can be heard from ‘How Come’ which brings out more of that progressive rock element combined with such melodic hard rock feel, creating such head banging track to tune in. ‘Richest Poor Man’ also another high quality track that once again combines that alternative-progressive-hard rock style into one fine mix, which should provide such joy for any fans of this genre. A rather dark prog rock atmosphere is being offer by ‘All of the Ashes’ which composition, melodies along with vocals combination simply managed to provide that angst, angry emotional feel that represents the song meaning really well. Heavy hitting hard rock/progressive metal sounding can also be heard from this young rockers from their track called ‘Carillon’.

‘No Doors’ has that melodic heavy hitting progressive rock with such fine guitar riffs, which should easily attract many guitar heads out there. ‘Questions in the Dark’ is probably the most diverse track from the record as it somewhat started off with a slower rock-ballad kind of melodies, before returning into its heavy hitting sound again. Not only that there’s also a rapping or some might say poem reading kind of singing being implemented on the track, certainly adding that different taste on the record compared to other songs. Overall, American Amnesia’s “Yet Here We Are” is a very raw and heavy alternative/progressive rock album with fine song writing, composition, sound along with musical display which certainly worthy of checking out for any rock lovers in all around the globe.

Full track listing for American Amnesia’s debut album “Yet Here We Are” :

1. Time
2. The One
3. Questions in the Dark
4. Carillon
5. The Candle
6. How Come?
7. Richest Poor Man
8. Means to an End
9. All of the Ashes
10. No Doors
11. Stars of Orion


Album’s official release date: June 22, 2018.

More information regarding American Amnesia, their debut album and other music stuff can be checked out at:


Check out the music video for American Amnesia’s single titled ‘Time’ :

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