Paul Gilbert Introduced Ibanez PGM miKro

Guitar virtuoso, Paul Gilbert is well known with his strong tie with Ibanez and they never stop crafting new stuff for guitar heads, including their latest PGM signature series called PGMM31 or PGM miKro. This latest setup is basically a micro version of Gilbert’s special model (PGM) which is specifically targeted for younger guitarists or players who have smaller fingers. The Ibanez miKro doesn’t just have a smaller body, but also shorter scale neck, that certainly provide much looser string that can make bending much easier. Albeit being a mini version of the original PGM, it doesn’t mean that the new series is nothing but a toy, as the Mr. Big axeman himself proved how playable it is ever for his size.

Introducing his new gear into the guitar world, PG tried out his PGM miKro and simply enjoyed his time rocking it out. Notably, the maestro emphasized a lot on how fun and comfortable for players to bend the strings on that PGMM31. Although the new release seemingly first designed for kids or younger players, but as it was said that shorter neck also helped any guitarist practice licks that require ridiculous stretches. It’s definitely exciting to practice any difficult stuff before maybe playing it in the normal size guitar, so those aspiring players who are still looking to improve themselves can always use this micro setup guitar.

Sharing more details about the latest PGM outing, this guitar for now seemingly only has a white color with pretty much similar design with the original size. The iconic F-holes, infinity pickups, medium sized frets, three way switches along with 22.2 scale maple neck are some of the specs that can be experienced by those keen on grabbing this model. This PGM miKro is not necessarily super small, but certainly a slightly mini version of Paul Gilbert’s original series which has been around for many years now. Those who are just starting out, but looking to get something fun and playable for practicing, you might just find the best combination with PGMM31.

Check out Paul Gilbert’s video demonstrating his new PGM miKro signature series :

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