Music View: Checking Out Snew's Rocking New Track 'Acetylene Queen'


image courtesy of Snew's official facebook

Supporting their latest album “You've Got Some Nerve”, Los Angeles based rockers, Snew have just premiered music video for their latest track called 'Acetylene Queen'. The new MV received its official release on December 14 in a collaboration with Rock Confidential website, and can also be viewed on the band's official Youtube channel from the same date. That clip itself was not shot in any special kind of fashion in terms of concept as it's actually shown the rockers' footage from their recent performance at Hard Rock Hell in Wales, combined with several clips of their trip in the U.K.


Just like it was already explained above, the band didn't really set any special story line or concept for their music video as it was just combination of their live performance and trip. It sort of similar with the videos from those rock bands in late 80's which presented similar kind of idea. Basically showing the exciting energy from the band while playing live along with their fun interaction while sightseeing during their shows. Meanwhile, the song itself is a pretty cachty hard-hitting rockin' track that has strong energy along with fine guitar riffs and heavy vocals. It's just simply an exciting hard rock song with such a strong sense of melody, making it more than just a fine musical tune but also quite singable as well.



Officially formed back in 2005, the quintet consisting of Curtis Don Vito (vocal), Andy Lux (lead guitar), Mark Orhenberger (drum), Lenny Spickle (rhythm guitar) and Kelly Magee (bass) are eager to keep spreading their rock spirit all over the globe. Having just unleashed “You've Got Some Nerve” which is also their fourth album since starting everything with their debut release “Snew You” back in 2008, this rockers are determined to expand their music into wider range of music enthusiasts. 'Acetylene Queen' itself is a positive representation that can be shared throughout the rock community to further acknowledge them with the quality of this exciting band called Snew.


Song title : 'Acetylene Queen'

Band : Snew

Release date : December 14, 2018

Album : “You've Got Some Nerve”


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Here is the music video for Snew's 'Acetylene Queen' :