Alligator Blood's First Single 'Death of a Heretic' Review

Alligator Blood First Single


Supporting the release of their new self-titled debut album, Las Vegas based hard rockers, Alligator Blood have just unleashed the band's first single called 'Death of a Heretic' along with its accompanying music video. The four piece band are looking to immediately attract music fans' interest on their first single with such heavy hitting track from start to finish. Knowing that it's their debut, they doesn't seem keen on wasting too much time in integrating their musical sound and approach as they just went right in.


Discussing more about the single itself, its a heavy upbeat hard rock track with cool riffs, especially the intro part that somewhat brings out that intense energy right away. Tyler Lawson vocals brings an intriguing energy into the song providing a slight metal and alternative edge into it, while Kristain Roloff's guitar playing brings more than just a solid punch with his fine solo playing. Dan Laudo brings out the groove with his drumming and just the right kind of power as Angel Campbell simply completing the whole band with her bass runs. The high energy piece have an interesting atmosphere as it's seemingly in between dark and light a sort of gray area.


The music video is a slight typical of common trend in rock bands, which is basically being dominated by showing the rockers rockin' out their tune with additional feature. There's also short combination of Lawson seemingly being dead and put into a coffin along with footage of night view, black panther or cat and cemetery just as short additional clip, probably to brings out the death themes this song keen on providing. It's a quite fitting clip as this type of song works out well even with a simple clip and since it's also a debut album, it's always important in introducing the band.


Overall, 'Death of a Heretic' is a heavy hitting hard rocking piece that can attract attention of many rock lovers straight away. It's a pretty straight forward song with some nice riffs and adequate run time that will also give that bit of curiosity for listener to try and replay it more than once so they can really get the hand of it. Certainly a positive first track to introduce a new band that have just released their self-titled debut as well. This four piece band surely have the potential in taking themselves deeper into the music realm, especially with the genre that they are currently playing. Hopefully more exciting tracks can be introduced by them so music enthusiasts can


Here is the track list for Alligator Blood's self titled debut album:


Death of a Heretic
Rock Devil
So Hollow
Heavy Metal Bake Sale
The Sky Has Fallen on Me
Searching the Unholy
High Hopes & Pipe Dreams


release date: Marc 13, 2020

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Here is the music video for Alligator Blood's 'Death of a Heretic' :