Album Review: Chameleon Technology's New EP "Blank Canvas"

Chameleon Technology's New EP Blank Canvas

Combination between punk, metal and industrial music might not be something that we commonly hear, but it turned to be an interesting combination at least that's what can be heard from a music project called Chameleon Technology. Following the debut EP back in 2009, this one man project created by Mark Histrionic, is releasing another mini album titled “Black Canvas”, which is also the title track for that outing. That main single itself is a fiery punk rock track with that metal element being implemented creating a very strong and energetic track. There's somewhat anger kind of atmosphere that is felt while listening to that track, notable with the combination of that heavy sound along with punk vibe. That song also has an accompanying music video premiered in support of the new EP's official release.


Aside from 'Black Canvas', rock lovers can also experience another musically well arranged punk-metal kind of combo with slight industrial influence in 'No Safe Word'. This track once again managed to somehow create an intriguing musical atmosphere which is filled with energy, anger and heavy sound with cool riffs. Unfortunately that song is rather short, so it might give that feeling of still expecting for something more. 'Serin's Vending' starting out with a very heavy metal like intro, but eventually the punk element was being blended in such smooth fashion, providing an intense music experience. 'Lifestyle Science' started off with an exciting guitar riffs and musically it have more punk-rock vibe, though Histrionic vocals during its refrain brought that metal sound back.


'Self Repair' somewhat showcasing the diverse musicality of Histrionic as he puts in a light progressive element into that track, providing such a fun track for any rock lovers. The arrangement of that song is also very fun and entertaining, creating such an uncommon but quite appealing rock adventure. In all, the songs from that EP are rather short as it's less than two minutes long, except for 'Self Repair' along with 'Blank Canvas'. Although the quality of songs are not actually reduced by that short length, but it might provide that element of curiosity and unfulfilled feeling. Musically, Chameleon Technology provide such well arranged songs along with polished sounds that can entertain any punk rock or metal enthusiast. The vocal is pretty solid although Histrionic singing style on most of his songs might not be something that everyone can enjoy, but it's still unique and shows strong character.


In all, this latest release from Chameleon Technology is certainly a refreshing an interesting entertainment for any rock fans, notably those keen on punk genre. However, it's not something that can easily cross path with music lovers from different genre, notably due to the specific elements bring brought on the songs. Nevertheless, anyone who enjoy punk music with an element of metal, industrial and slight progressive should find themselves attracted with “Blank Canvas” EP. This outing itself has been released back on August 5, 2016, so anyone who are interested in checking out this music project can just visit Chameleon's websites and social medias.


Explaining more about this project, Chameleon Technology itself is a one man music creator concept from Histrionic, which saw him playing guitar in a live action video synched with high quality audio version of real bass and drums. Starting out in 2009, after joining with some bands as drummer, in 2015, the musician finally set up his second EP which try to embark in a more dark, progressive and intriguing songs.


Here is the complete track listing for Chameleon Technology's new EP “Blank Canvas”


  1. No Safe Word

  2. Serin's Vending

  3. Lifestyle Science

  4. Self Repair

  5. Blank Canvas


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