Album View: Winter Calling's Sophomore Release "FACES"

Winter Calling Releasing New Album

 Florida based progressive rockers, Winter Calling returns to spread their exciting music with the release of a new album titled “FACES”, which was officially outed on August 5, 2016. This new record is the follow up for the rockers' debut “As Darkness Falls” and for this latest release took things into another step by collaborating with renown guitarist, John Wesley (Mike Tramp, Big Elf, Porcupine Tree). On this sophomore album, the quartet crafted nine songs which offer exciting hard rock, progressive and melodic metal atmosphere that should definitely entertain any fans of the genre.


Starting off their music adventure, the band put out a track called 'Disorder' which has that mysterious, gloomy kind of atmosphere combined with melodic metal vibe plus slight progressive and ballad element. The vocal is really good with that high, clear metal sound with enough power making it a quite enjoyable hard rockin' track. 'Not Like You' is rather special as it is the track where they specifically featured Wesley on guitar. This piece is a more groovy melodic prog rock with solid heavy distortion that should provide head banging moment for those listening to it. Aside from an exquisite solo piece, this song also has a quite fun riffs, which complements the who component of the song.


'The Tower' offer a fast paced metal track with nice melody and guitar fills, kind of reminded rock lovers with something from Avenged Sevenfold. However, Winter Calling still create their own kind of composition and atmosphere, stamping their specific style into it. Next track would be the band's lead single from “FACES”, which is being titled 'Follow Me Down'. The track that has also an accompanying music video to go with it is another fine heavy hard rock track which is quite melodious and catchy enough that it can be enjoyed by fans from different genre. Apart from having nice hook, this song also offer fine solo guitar piece that can entertain many guitar heads.


'Truth From a Lie' has more of that hard rock and melodic speed metal kind of combination, still with fine hooks on its verse part and chorus. Another slight ballad vibe can be found on 'Still Hold On', though the hook and refrain part remains heavy with solid distortion sound. The bridge is being arranged very well to create that different kind of atmosphere from the whole part of the track itself. 'A New Me A Few Me' is metal piece with interesting whispering kind of vocal style during its verse. Those keen on for a more soulful ballad can check out 'A Different Tune' which brought that lovely rock piece and showcasing Chris Hodges' nice vocal quality along with Ian Medhurst excellent guitar playing. Finally, this album is wrapped up with a song titled 'My Own Way' that once again offer nice mixture of several rock-metal feel into one.


Overall, Winter Calling's sophomore release is a worthy album for any rock and metal fans to hear as they can surely enjoy the musical quality and diversity of this four piece rockers. They are able to blend hard rock, melodic metal and their progressive element into one while writing such enjoyable songs in the same time. Following up to the moderate success of their debut record is obviously not easy, but “FACES” itself is an album that offer plenty fun and enjoyment for its listener. Music lovers should definitely check out this record, especially those who are looking for another fresh face in the rock/metal realm that still produce quality bands such as this talented Florida based band consisting of Chris Hodges (vocals), Ian Medhurst (guitar), Tim Gilbreath (bass) and also Wayne Hoefle (drums, piano & keys)


The full track listing for Winter Calling's sophomore release “FACES”:


1. Disorder
2. Not Like You
3. The Tower
4. Follow Me Down
5. Truth from a Lie
6. Still Hold On
7. A New Me a Few Me
8. A Different Tune
9. My Own Way


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Here is the music video for Winter Calling's lead single 'Follow Me Down':