Music View: The Spiders' New Single 'Election Day'


The upcoming election day in US certainly created many interest from many part of the country's citizen, including musicians such as what being shown by Alternative Rock power trio, The Spiders which recently unleashed a new single about the major politic event titled 'Election Day'. On the latest single, this trio offered an exciting old school rock and roll vibe with that slight alternative atmosphere smoothly wrapping things up in a fine fashion. The song itself starts off with such energetic and fun guitar riffs that certainly bringing back that rock and roll atmosphere back in this modern era.


Aside from the fun and rockin' music, the vocals and melody of this track is quite catchy, which should easily attracted attention from fans, even those who might not be a hard core rock enthusiasts. The lyrics itself is quite straightforward and blunt as The Spiders were not shy on expressing their opinion over two current presidential candidates who offer plenty controversies. Nevertheless, through their song, this rockers are also urging US citizen to simply use their voice through voting as that decision will certainly affected to country's future leadership. 'Election Day' truly able to capture all of those concern and feel that many people have about the upcoming election, while hoping that it can also influence others to show their concern about it when the time finally arrive.


In support of this single release, The Spiders have also released a video lyric which has been streamed via Nick DeStefano's official Youtube account since June 29, 2016. Now, with the election date coming closer, it's probably the right moment for music enthusiast to know more about this exciting track and naturally acknowledge this power trio's latest work. Being former by DeStefano (lead vocal/guitar), Nestor Acerlay (Drum/Vocals) along with John Henderson (Bass), this band are keen on spreading their alternative rock/pop punk music element throughout the world. However, on this latest single one can also see their strong rock and roll influence as they're cranking up that genre in an excellent fashion. Moreover, their purpose of releasing 'Election Day' is simply to strike a nerve on all Americans, including musicians and upcoming voters.


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Meanwhile, check out the official video lyric for The Spiders' New Single 'Election Day':