Album View : Saul Losada's New Album "Energy"


Starting the new year in 2017, music enthusiasts, notably those who are keen on blues/rock stuff are set to be entertained by a new album from guitarist, Saul Losada entitled “Energy”. On his latest outing, Losada combines instrumental stuff with exciting songs with lovely vocals that can easily attract strong attention from music lovers, even for those who might not particularly fan of the genre. The axeman set up in total of eight tracks, exploring that bluesy rock genre while ripping out his exquisite guitar playing along with fine song arrangement.


Opening the album, Losada unleashed an instrumental piece called 'Morning Light' that will be taking listener into that enchanting mysterious brought in by strong bluesy guitar playing. It's a somewhat slow paced song with such soulful approach instead of more technical one as despite not having complicated riffs, but there's a strong feel being offered from this lovely track. Moving on, the guitarist sent out his title track which is a slightly groovier blues-rock piece with dominant slide guitar display. The raw sound create a unique sort of old fashion ambiance that is quite interesting indeed since it can drove the veteran blues lovers to tune in into 'Energy'.


The third song from the maestro is 'Bold As Love' a melodic blues-rock piece with that hint of ballad touch into it, something that can easily attract affection from music fans from all genre. This track is also one of few vocal piece that Saul recorded and his guitar playing combined with the sweet female singing voice is such an exciting unity indeed. 'People Get Ready' is another lovely melodic track that has that pop-ballad kind of touch into it combined with ear-catchy riffs. The song theme seemingly quite simple, but the fine arrangement and vocals being displayed truly gives that refreshing and beautiful atmosphere. 'The Green River' offer a mysterious kind of feel with somewhat experimental kind of sounding and unique playing from start to finish. Might not be for everyone's taste, but those who are keen on this genre can surely enjoy this emotional piece.


'Maybellyne' brought a sort of blues-country and bee-bop kind of feel, taking music fans back into those days of swing dance era. It's a very fun and energetic track that can easily can listener to simply shake their body into the cool and catchy riffs. 'The Thrill Is Gone' once again shows the fine combination between lovely vocals and Losada's guitar playing, putting out another well arranged melodic blues piece for music enthusiasts. Finally, this intriguing album is being wrapped up with 'Fasten Your Seatbelt, an exciting groovy track which has that funky element along with fast paced and thrilling guitar solos. A fitting ending indeed for the album as this song simply provide an injection of energy while showcasing the maestro's fine technical quality on the axe. Overall, this album is a quality outing from the experience guitarist as he managed to combine quality and soulful instrument playing along with nicely arranged vocal tracks without losing his blues-rock base.


Being an experienced studio musician in Hollywood, Saul Losada showed his quality and technical versatility in his latest album, which was officially released on January 1st 2017. Receiving wide range of musical influence from Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, BB King and many more, Saul was able to develop such unique playing style that is appealing for many aspiring guitarist out there. His ability to craft unique sound which somehow combine modern and classic stuff into one fine blend, made his instrumental work getting many praises from people in the music industry. Now with “Energy”, the blues-rock axeman surely hope that he can further share his musical quality to all music lovers across the globe.


Here is the full track list for Saul Losada's “Energy”:


Morning Light


Bold As Love

People Get Ready

The Green River


The Thrill Is Gone

Fasten Your Seatbelt


Album's release date: January 1st 2017

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