Album View: Jay Clark Band's Debut LP "Cocked & Loaded"


Another exciting rock record set to entertain music fans across the globe as Cincinnati based rockers, Jay Clark Band are gearing up for their debut album entitled “Cocked & Loaded” which is scheduled to be released on April 30, 2017. That upcoming outing is basically a collection of cracking southern rock pieces, consisting in total of 10 tracks that should entertain those who normally enjoy stuff from Joe Walsh, Kid Rock or Black Crowes. Being recorded, mix and edited in early 2017, Jay Clarck certainly didn't waste too much time in completing his debut album, though half of the tracks were previously unleashed as an EP not long ago.


Ahead of the new album's release, Jay already shared his first single titled 'The River', which is the fifth track from “Cocked & Loaded”. Being chosen as the leading track, this song started of with that acoustic ballad feel, before offering a heavy sounding with powerful riffs. The chorus section is quite appealing while additional vocal from Adam Cunningham certainly offer an intriguing blend, creating a fun rock piece. The first song from the album itself is 'Get Wild', an uplifting track with fine intro where the guitar riffing in such exciting fashion. There's also that late 80's rock vibe with seemingly simple yet fun lyrics.


'Hell or High Water' following up as the second track and it also provide that hard hitting southern rock, that always have that slight country vibe, making it an interesting tune to check out. Aside from strong heavy guitar sound, the solo part is also quite charming, nothing super complicated but perfectly fitting with the feel of the whole song. 'Leave It All Behind' simply continuing Jay Clark's rocking journey into a much deeper territory, putting music fans deeper into that southern atmosphere. Another catchy riffs can be discovered on 'Won't Be Pushed Around' showcasing Jay's songwriting quality and excellent musicality. The album's title track, offers that slight blues-rock influence, notably during the intro part and whole guitar part. It's another anthem track with such high energy atmosphere, especially on its chorus section, which should make music fans shout along while listening to it.


Ending the musical journey on “Cocked & Loaded”, Jay picked another fun, feel good rockin' piece entitled 'Shakedown', a fitting end indeed for such energetic ride. Overall, this debut album is certainly an interesting piece of art which is strongly recommended for any rock enthusiasts, notably those who are huge fans of southern rock music as they will feel such thrill while listening to the whole songs. Starts off with the strong enthusiasm of Jay Clark, he rounded up a group of quality musicians to help him out in fulfilling his dream of releasing an album. With such strong effort and passion, the Cincinnati based musician can certainly feel proud with himself as he has managed to produce such exciting record. While patiently waiting for the LP's official release date, the rocker is now working on rounding up a touring band that can help him further promoting the upcoming outing via live shows this fall.


Full track listing for Jay Clark Band's Debut Album “Cocked & Loaded”:


1Get Wild
2 Hell or High Water
3 Leave It All Behind
4 Won't Be Pushed Around
5 The River
6 Freight Train
7 Another Love Song
8 Cocked & Loaded
9 Whatcha Doin' To Me
10 Shakedown


official release date: April 30, 2017


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Here is the audio clip for Jack Clark Band's lead single  'The River':