Album View: Jay Regan's Second Album "Wash Me"


Combining different styles of music into one album is never an easy thing to do, but it doesn't seem that troublesome for Philadelphia based acoustic rocker, Jay Regan. The musician recently unleashed his second album entitled “Wash Me”, which is an exciting mix of his basic rock root with many other genres, from Funk, Country, R&B and more. Those so called chaotic combination seemingly rather odd and unique, but also exciting as fans can simply enjoy many different styles, feels and approach while tuning into the new record. Composing 15 tracks, Regan simply puts tons of effort to craft such entertaining album that can attract attention from all music lovers, aside from those who truly enjoy rock music.


Starting out the new record, Regan opted a track called 'Whiskey Song', which has that slight country and pop rock vibe into it. It's a pretty simple track actually as the lyrics are basically talking about whiskey in a fun manner, while the music itself is quite catchy, notably with that nice acoustic riffs. 'Can't Let Go' has a more modern rock approach with the warm guitar tone, nice melody and that alternative-country combo atmosphere that seemingly brought its listener into late 60's rock, but in a more advanced fashion. The third track from that album is 'Grow' that provide strong melodic and rock ballad vibe, certainly one of those piece that can sway music lovers into an enjoyable state of mind. The raw guitar sound added such unique touch, blending up quite well with the whole song and melody, resulting in a really fine musical experience.


'Dad' is another interesting track with a much stronger alternative rock feel, but remain full of melody and fine story telling feel. The song simply putting that joyful experience of ones feeling with their father, nothing complicated but straight to the point and comforting. A fun and cheerful atmosphere can be heard from the next piece called 'I am Alive', that once again put on that country-rock sound to lift up any gloomy mood. 'March of the Romans' brought a funky approach along with full brass section being integrated, creating an interesting funk-rock mash, which should entertain many music enthusiasts all over the globe. Special guitar performance from Rick Hillman on that track also make things more colorful and intriguing as his playing blends in well with the funky atmosphere. 'Right Between the Eye' also added an interesting brass section, but it has more pop-rock feel instead of going funk like the previous track. It's another feel good and melodic song with such singable chorus along with verse, a piece that can easily be fans favorite.


Another comforting kind of music can be heard from 'Lovely Day' which offers that combo of pop-rock and alternative feel, certainly an interesting tune for the listener. A stronger alternative rock vibe is being offered from 'No Place to Turn' that also provide a more mysterious atmosphere and slightly darker kind of nuance. 'Forever Changed, Forever Lost' will strongly attracted music lovers with it's catchy tune and fine music composition. A slight R&B vibe appeared on 'How Hard Can it Be' which also wrapped itself with that alternative rock element, creating another chaotic but fun mash up. Eventually the album is being concluded with a strong alternative rock track entitled 'Insomnia' which somewhat fitting end to such varied and rich rock album. Overall, songs from the track are well composed with acoustic and alternative rock feel being that thin glue which mashed up many different genres that are being implement by Regan.


Experiencing wealthy musical experience in several 90's bands such as April Fool, Desire along with Today We Live, Jay Regan eventually opted to start his solo adventure back in 2014 with his debut album “Dreams & Nightmare”. Now after nearly three years, the Philadelphia native returns with another exciting work, “Wash Me”, which once again showcasing his exciting musical talent that should be celebrated more in the musical realm. Those who are looking for some intriguing yet interesting rock experience should definitely get their hands of this new record.


Track Listing for Jay Regan's “Wash Me”:


Whiskey Song

Can't Let Go



I am Alive

March of the Romans

Right Between the Eye

Lovely Day

No Place to Turn

Little Fish (A Song for Eli)

Forever Changed, Forever Lost

How Hard it Can Be


Road to Oblivion


Album's release date: April 7, 2017

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