Album View: Mr. Big's New Release "Defying Gravity"


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Rock maestros, Mr. Big are inching closer for the official release of their new album entitled “Defying Gravity” which will be unleashed on July 21, this year. Already releasing several singles from the upcoming record, music lovers might get glimpses of what they can expect from the rockers, though there are some exciting songs that they haven't officially released as just yet. Being the follow up to their 2014 outing “The Stories We Could Tell”, the quartet are set to offer another entertaining rockin' ride for music lovers all over the globe, especially those who enjoy quality rock and roll stuff. Still recording with the original foursome members of, Eric Martin (vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), Pat Torpey (drums) along with an official additional player Matt Starr (also on drums), the band's die hard fans can really expect tons of fun journey on the new album.


The rockers begin their “Defying Gravity” trip with a track called 'Open Your Eyes', which should serve well as an opening song as it offers that classic technical rock n roll piece from Mr. Big. The excellent guitar riff along with exquisite bass riff adding that juicy musical factor not to mention the slight prog approach being implemented throughout the track. Next stop is the album's title track, that is also another intriguing musical piece with that unique feel brought by Gilbert's guitar sound and licks. 'Everybody Need a Little Trouble' is an uplifting track with that energetic riffs, thrilling solos and melodic chorus part, just like many notably tracks from the rockers. This track also one of the two tracks that have been officially released ahead of the new album's outing. Those who are anticipating for some sweet ballad from the quartet, doesn't have to wait too long as the band put out their acoustic slow rock piece titled 'Damn I'm In Love Again' at number four on new record's list.


'Mean to Me' is another song that has been widely streamed before the upcoming record's being unleashed and this track has that hard rock touch with sweet melodic line combined in a fascinating fashion. 'Nothing Bad (Bout Feeling Good)' combines semi-acoustic play with that smooth rock ballad sounding really well, it's simply another nice ballad from the rockers. 'Forever and Back' is one of my personal favorite and recommended piece from this record as the slow rock/ballad song has that deep feel and atmosphere which could bring listener wandering around about their past love life. The arrangement simply shaped in such nice proportion, creating such a heartfelt track which can easily track fans from many different genre.'She's All Coming Back To Me Now' is quite unique as the band seemingly combined several musical style, from pop-punk, pop rock, slight alternative feel and melodic rock all blend into one, creating another fun piece.


'1992' is a very intriguing song which tells about the band's rise to fame during that early 90's era, their struggle, joy all being interpreted in an excellent hard rock style. The intro certainly quite exciting with Gilbert's exquisite guitar playing combined with Sheehan's usual brilliance, once again creating such fine piece of music. There's that Green Tinted Sixties Mind feel from the chorus part as it has that similar melodic feel, putting Mr. Big enthusiasts in a memory lane quest while listening to this track. The next track from “Defying Gravity” would be 'Nothing At All' another nice bluesy hard rock piece with that psychedelic/alternative element being smartly inserted into it. Closing the record is a very thick blues-rock piece entitled 'Be Kind' which once again showcasing the musical quality of this maestros. The quality vocals, technical solo guitar playing along will certainly entertain many rock enthusiasts out there. Overall, it's simply an excellent rock record that is well written and arranged in such exciting fashion, maintaining that fine combination between enjoyable song along with technically intriguing music.


Full Track Listing for Mr. Big's new album “Defying Gravity” :


1. Open Your Eyes
2. Defying Gravity
3.Everybody Needs a Little Trouble
4. Damn I’m In Love Again
5. Mean to Me
6. Nothing Bad (About Feeling Good)
7. Forever and Back
8. She’s All Coming Back to Me Now
9. 1992
10. Nothing At All
11. Be Kind

Album's official release date : July 21, 2017.


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'Forever and Back'


'Mean to Me'


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