Album View: It's Just Craig New Release "Dark Corners"


Indie Rock has become a quite rare breed recently, especially one that also implemented goth country along with Americana into the mix. However, those uncommon combination is basically what's being offered by Indianapolis/Nashville based artist called It's Just Craig. The music project lead by Craig Helmreich and his friends, also set up an interesting story line about a cargo boat captain and his interesting journey. That concept album, entitled “Dark Corners, vividly presented from songs number one through eight, while the last two songs were a sort of additional parts, which doesn't have any connection with the captain story. Certainly an interesting approach as music fans can follow an interesting rare concept being delivered through a quite uncommon genre in today's world.


Starting the conceptual journey, Craig started things out with a short piano intro played by Elijah Ford, before eventually sharing his story with 'Go'. The track offers such strong goth country vibe, but still possessed that indie rock along with Americana basic in it's musical arrangement. It has a somewhat slow ballad atmosphere with that gloomy feel since it tells about the captain having to start his journey while he himself seemingly reluctant in departing. 'Alone' continuing that similar musical feel, still offering a somewhat dark atmosphere but with lovely melodies and enjoyable moment. The next track is called 'Captain', this one showcasing much stronger indie rock/alternative vibe, but that dark/gloomy/goth feel lingers well, combining with another ear catchy arrangement.


'Siren Sings' has a more upbeat tempo compared to previous tracks as it does brought brighter atmosphere but never truly running away from the basic concept, creating an interesting piece indeed. A slightly more techno touch can be heard from 'Goodnight', especially during its intro as the arrangement uses some sound samples, to create that modern kind of nuance. 'Rain Never Comes' brought such strong mysterious atmosphere with the odd piano sounding added with minimalist music and dominant vocals. Another intriguing musical approach indeed, which once again strengthening that goth and indie rock basic that Craig strongly implemented. 'Leaving Now' ended that story line in a sweet sour fashion with a strong Americana feel being combined with the usual goth vibe, creating that unique ambiance to end such conceptual record.


The ninth song is basically a blank one, somewhat hidden space created ahead of the 10th song called 'Thirty Nine', which was supposedly set as some kind of bonus track. This final song on 'Dark Corners' tells about Craig's personal feel regarding renowned musician, Jason Molina, who passed away in a self destructive path. Overall, "Dark Corners" is certainly an intriguing release that can attract strong attention from music lovers, especially those who are keen with some Americana/Indie Rock/Goth stuff. This record is quite enjoyable as musically it possessed fine melodies, good arrangements and very unique atmosphere, which is very suitable with the story/concept being introduced.


Being created as a special project for Craig to fulfill his musical thirst, It's Just Craig turned into something more for the corporate attorney who is enjoying his new world in the music industry. After achieving quite a success with his previous record “Blood on the Table”, the Indiana native opted to keep writing and producing new stuff which led to he birth of “Dark Corners” that have had its official release on June 20, 2017. Aided by his musicians friends such as, Marc Ford (lead guitar), Elijah Ford (Piano, Bass, Guitars), Jason Slota (drums), Rob Shelton (synths), Jess and Kels Von Strantz on backing vocals along with cellos, Craig successfully crafted another fine piece of art with his new record that can further launch his musical pedigree in the current era.


Full Track Listing for It's Just Craig's new album “Dark Corners”:






Siren Sings


Rain Never Comes

Leaving Now


Thirty Nine


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