Album View: Patrick Grant's "A Sequence of Waves"

Instrumental music may not be the thing for everyone, but exciting and quality stuff from this genre can always interest many listeners, even from those who are fond of different genre. This kind of experience is probably what many music enthusiasts might be experiencing one they heard the new album from talented instrumentalist, Patrick Grant, who on August 24, 2017 has just unleashed “A Sequence of Waves (twelve stories and a dream)'. Consisting of 13 tracks, this recent outing set to take its listener into Grant's musical journey which is filled with fun and exciting stuff as he masterfully combines different influences in his songs.


A haunting classical theme immediately welcomes music lovers into Grant's journey via his opening track called 'Lucid Dream'. The enchanting violin melodies combines with several modern sound, creating nothing be a lovely musical piece. 'Driving Patterns' offers a more progressive rock kind of feel with exciting riffs, sequences and certainly uniquely organized composition. Not the easiest to digest kind of stuff, but the fine melodies pretty much brought strong attraction for people to check this tune out. 'Prelude I' brings out that rock/post rock atmosphere into the table, once again showcasing the versatile musical knowledge of this experienced instrumentalist.


Another exciting post-rock/progressive approach can be heard from a track called 'Firearms' that fills the room with fun and intriguing riffs and melodies from start to finish. There's an air of mystery along with charm being expressed from this track, which can put music lover in awe as they were experiencing a modern orchestra piece. 'Seven Years at Sea' provide a comforting, feel good kind of music with that certain ambiance that takes people into visualizing that they are enjoying themselves in the sea or beach. 'Breaking Butterflies Upon a Wheel' has a slight rock/metal kind of feel with the dominant electric guitar sound early on, though the prog rock and post rock element remain stronger, notably with the arrangements.


'Primary Blues' just like its title pretty much inserted a blues rock element into his music, creating another unique instrumental eargasm that can captivate many listeners. 'Prelude II' is strongly dominated by semi-acoustic guitar play with interesting riff that varies from a rock ballad into something slightly darker and deep. The final track from this album is titled 'One Note Samba' which is basically Grant's own rendition of Antonio Carlos Jobim's piece, which was made popular via Frank Sinatra's performance sometime ago. Notably the instrumental approach brings something slightly different, but nonetheless similarly entertaining for music fans. In all, “A Sequence of Waves” is an album that brings out the musical talent of Patrick Grant as he offers an exciting ways for people to enjoy instrumental music more.


Full track listing for Patrick Grant's “A Sequence of Waves (twelve stories and a dream)" :


Lucid Dreams

Driving Patterns

Prelude I




Seven Years at Sea

Breaking Butterflies Upon a Wheel

Lonely Ride Coney Island

Primary Blues

Prelude II

To Find a Form That Accomodate the Mess

One Note Samba


Album's official release date: August 24th, 2017.


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Here is a music video for Partick Grant's 'Lonely Ride Coney Island' : 

Lonely Ride Coney Island from Patrick Grant on Vimeo.