Album View: Ben Brookes' Debut Release "The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon"



An interesting rock album set to offer an entertainment for music fans all over the globe, notably those who are fascinated with indie rock/pop rock stuff. The upcoming release is titled “The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon” coming from British based singer/songwriter, Ben Brookes, who has been performing his own music since he was just 11-year-old. Brookes' talent attracted Minneapolis based label, Martin-Guild, to work with him in recording what would be the musician's debut full length album. Coming to America certainly wasn't just some gamble by the singer as he received positive support from the company, which brought in several experienced musicians to write 10 exciting tracks.


Putting out that indie pop-rock element as the basic of his music, Brookes offer such raw emotions that enable him to express his song in such powerful way. That feel can be felt immediately from a track called 'Integration (Not Segregation)', that possess that nice melodies with deep and meaningful lyrics about the current problems that world society is experiencing, such as race issues along with bombing troubles. An interesting middle eastern riffs being implemented in 'I Wanna Go Home' showcasing the wide range of musical knowledge the the singer/songwriter possessed as he blend everything in such fine fashion. A lovely acoustic-alternative rock feel can be heard from 'Asleep In Galilee', that also able to combine lovely poppy melodies into its chorus part, triggering such nice hooks.


Another dark and heartfelt atmosphere being provided on 'Girl Who Cried Wolf' which will take listener into that unpleasant heart break moment sometime in their life. 'Crack A Smile' take us into that bittersweet kind of feel with such lovely melancholic melodies and happy-sad kind of lyrics. 'Before Sunlight' is a sweet pop-rock track that offer such comforting kind of ambiance with the combination of that strong deep vocals with soft and calming music. A slight bluesy-rock and roll kind of element being integrated into Ben Brookes basic indie rock style on 'Look Through My Eyes', resulting in such interesting and fun rock piece that can easily attract many music lovers. 'Stories In the Rain' is a fine rock-ballad piece that is bright and full of positive energy, giving that warm kind of atmosphere everything we're tuning into it.


Overall, the songs being crafted by Brookes on “The Motor Care and The Weather Balloon” are certainly well written, composed and arranged. Nice flowing deep vocals combined with fine melodies, raw emotions simply able to take listener into that emotional musical journey. This kind of genre is quite universal in the sense that there's strong possibilities of it attracting wider range of music fans, not just those who specifically enjoy indie rock/pop rock stuff. Being produced by Mark Healey, this upcoming release certainly something that should be checked out by any rock enthusiasts who are looking for a fresh new artist that can immediately offer quality music.


Full Track Listing for Ben Brookes' new album “The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon”:


1: Integration (Not Segregation)

2: I Want To Go Home

3: Asleep in Galilee

4: The Girl Who Cried Wolf

5: Crack A Smile

6: Before Sunlight

7: Look Through My Eyes

8: Stories in the Rain

9: Siren

10: Shackles


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Here are some music videos of songs from Ben Brookes' “The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon”:



'Stories In the Rain'  

'Integration (Not Segregation)' :