Exciting Rockin' Ride With The Winery Dogs' “Dog Years: Live In Santiago & Beyond 2013-2016"


courtesy of Loud and Proud Records


Rock super group, The Winery Dogs have colored the music world since their first debut back in 2013 and notably following their second release “Hot Streak” in 2015. Those two records pretty much put the magnificent trio into many music enthusiast's hearts as they able to combine quality musicianship with exciting song writing process as well. Celebrating their success so far, back on August 4, 2017, the band via their record label, Loud & Proud have released a special live album entitled “Dog Years, Live in Santiago”, which contains footage from their live performance during their Chile, Santiago show. The package supposedly consisting of two disc edition with one Blu Ray disc of their 100 minutes live concert along with the band's eight music videos up til now. Not only that, the live album also consist the Dog Years' EP which is five previously unreleased tracks that were not officially shared world wide by the band, such as 'Criminal', 'The Game' 'Solid Ground', 'Love Is Alive' and 'Moonage Daydream'.


Checking out The Winery Dogs' live shows have always been pleasing since they consist of quality musicians who performed their instruments expertly. From Richie Kotzen's dazzling vocals and exquisite guitar playing, Billy Sheehan masterful bass playing to Mike Portnoy technically excellent drum playing, each of those are the things that fans can enjoy in such raw fashion while watching this live concert. Notably songs from the EP are the ones that fans will mostly get that surprise, especially for those who haven't heard any of them. The special Japan track, 'Criminal' is a solid rock piece heavy riffs with some nice hooks, which certainly something that easily attract attention of any rock lovers out there. 'The Game' has that bluesy rock and slight funky intro and verse riffs combined with sweet chorus part that can get listener completely enchanted while listening to it.


'Solid Ground' is another Japan bonus track record, which offers a lovely acoustic ballad like song that brings that comforting and sweet side of the band. It's one of that melodic piece that can be enjoyed by music fans from all different genre as it's simply a fun with deep feel. 'Love Is Alive' has that anthem live feel with solid verse and melodic chorus part and nice wah-wah guitar effects early on that brings a certain dimension into the track. 'Moonage Daydream' is quite intriguing track with that soul element being implemented on its melodies and Kotzen's strong vocals, giving out another excellent piece of song from the band. The additional EP certainly more than just an added bonus for any live album as it provides quality songs that not many might listen to before. Overall this release is certainly a masterpiece that rock lovers should check out and grabbed without any hesitation since they will experience another enjoyable rockin ride with The Winery Dogs.


The full track listing for The Winery Dogs' “Dog Years: Live In Santiago & Beyond 2013-2016” :




1. Oblivion

2. Captain Love

3. We Are One

4. Hot Streak

5. How Long

6. Time Machine

7. Empire

8. Fire

9. Think It Over

10. Mike Portnoy Drum Solo

11. The Other Side

12. Billy Sheehan Bass Solo

13. Ghost Town

14. I’m No Angel

15. Elevate

16. Regret

17. Desire






Time Machine

I’m No Angel


Captain Love

Hot Streak





1. Criminal

2. The Game

3. Solid Ground

4. Love Is Alive

5. Moonage Daydream


official release date: August 4, 2017.


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