Album View: Enjoyable Rock Experience With Kris Heaton Band's "World Gone Mad"



Receiving good amount of acknowledgment and accolades doesn't stop Kris Heaton Band to release quality music as he recently just sent out a new album entitled “World Gone Mad” on June 1, 2017. The new album continuing Heaton's iconic guitar tone and vocals that have earned him many admirers not just in United States but also other parts of the world too. Further confirmation can be seen on how one the singles from that release 'Who Let The Bullet Fly', have already received strong recognition by winning 'Best Rock Song 2017' from Akademia Music Awards. Certainly that track isn't the only gem music lovers can enjoy as the Connecticut based musician crafted 12 rock tracks that will take listeners into an exciting musical journey.


Starting off with the award winning 'Who Let The Bullet Fly', this album certainly pick the right opener to welcome all music fans. The song itself is a very melodic piece that has a soft pop-rock touch and find arrangement being combined nicely with catchy hooks that can sway its listeners. The album's title track offers that classic rock touch with nice guitar fills that brings out that comforting atmosphere while the lyrics unravel important messages about today's condition. Another fun and melodic feel can be heard while listening to 'When We Danced' despite it's talking about the one who got away. However, it somehow able to opens up ones past memory about our past, remembering past love lives or just someone who once was special.


'Something New' brights out that bright atmosphere and slight 80's feel with synth piano sound along with cool drum lines. There's also that energetic kind of groove being presented giving that joyful feeling while listening to it. A more blues-rock influence can be felt while checking out 'I Want You', though the strong catchy and slight pop twist continue to color the track, making it another fun track to hear. 'When the Sun Goes Down' sways calmly with that rock-ballad approach added with some fine melodies accompanying it. An interesting reggae-rock thingy can be heard from 'The Moment' giving out that fun kind of vibe and also showcasing Heaton's wide range of musical appreciation not to mention talent.


A more somber and sad kind of vibe is heard from 'One Thin Line' which takes us into that kind of gloomy moment in our lives. 'Way of The World' can be considered as one my favorites from the album as the song is composed in such lovely fashion, providing deep messages, lovely melodic rock ballad arrangement along with that touching feel while listening to it. The album itself is concluded with 'Better World' another beautiful slow rock jam with that cool touch of blues, crafting another fine piece of music that can be enjoyed by music lovers from different genres. Overall, “World Gone Mad” is an exciting, fun, melodic rock album combined with that pop twist and bluesy element, creating such enjoyable songs. Those who enjoy a fun and catchy rock album should definitely check out this release as they will surely be pleased with the musical experience they're going to feel.


Full track list for Kris Heaton Band's New Album “World Gone Mad”:


1 -Who Let the Bullets Fly
2 -World Gone Mad
3 -When We Danced
4 -Something New
5 -I Want You
6 -When the Sun Goes Down
7 -Drink to the Girls
8 -The Moment
9 -One Thin Line
10 -Where the Wind Blows
11 -Way of the World
12 -Better World


Album's release date: June 1, 2017.


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'Who Let the Bullets Fly'

'Something New'

'When We Danced'