Album View: Psychocide's Debut Release "Alcohol & Bad Decisions"


Keen on expending their music career, Canadian based rockers, Psychocide have just released their new full length album titled “Alcohol & Bad Decisions” back on March 3, 2017. The latest outing is basically their attempt in getting their music to be heard more by fans from all over the globe, notably those rock enthusiasts out there. Crafting in total of 10 songs, which include the band's first

single 'Street Name Desire' which eventually inspired the writing for those remaining tracks and certainly their debut record. Taking inspiration from bands such as Guns N' Roses, Audioslave, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against and System of A Down, music fans can expect a high energy rock n roll pieces with strong raw along with youthful vibe.


The band kick start their rockin adventure with 'Crazy Jane', n energetic piece with that late 80' rock n roll vibe and that slight punk like feel with the upbeat tempo. 'Mary' has that interesting atmosphere being brought in with its strong distortion and intriguing solo guitar play. A slightly modern and metal touch can be heard from “Crossing Guard' not just from its sound, but the whole composition also give out that metal touch being incorporated well with their rock n roll and punk kind of basic. Strong mysterious kind of vibe was heard from 'Dear Alice' that at times also possessed that GNR kind of touch,especially with the vocals style at some part of the track. Another nice rock track that is well composed and arranged as it present different atmosphere with several tempo changes along the way.


Such cool guitar riffs,especially on the intro part really got 'Brotherman' going strong as it also has that strong verse structure and a quite unique chorus part. A fun and high energy metal approach can also be heard from 'Paranoia' that aside from having that heavy sound also offer lovely melodies along with a quite catchy hooks.'Street Named Desire' is another fun song to check out with that nice blend of hard rock with punk that somehow always able to provide strong energy display. The band's musical journey finally being concluded with 'Breaking Bad' that is a well crafted piece worthy of being pick as that last track to display the band's music. Overall, Pyshocide's debut release is certainly a fun and good options for any rock enthusiasts who are looking for some potential new talent that can bring new color in the music realm.


Full track listing for Psychocide's debut album “Alcohol & Bad Decisions”:


1. Crazy Janet
2. Mary
3. Crossing Guard
4. Mr. Suit
5. Dear Alice
6. Temporary Friends
7. Brotherman
8. Paranoia
9. Street Named Desire
10. Breaking Bad


Official Release Date: March 3, 2017.

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'Street Named Desire'