Enjoying Bluesy Rockin' Ride With Curtis Fornadley's "Resonance"



Highly acclaimed guitar maestro, Curtis Fornadley continue to produce exciting masterful stuff such as his recently released album entitled “Resonance”, which was officially outed on October 10th' 2017. Still not keen on limiting his musicality, the axeman opting to combine various genre in the new album, inserting elements such as rock, country, blues, a bit of jazz and even surf. Those wide range of genres simply being blend in such fine manner creating a richly sound record that might be able to reach more global listener as it covers many different music areas. Consisting in total of 13 tracks, Curtis is very keen on providing nothing but entertainment for music lovers, especially rock fans and guitar heads.


The new album starts off with 'Rat Beach Boogie', a fun and thrilling bluesy rock instrumental with such awesome guitar playing. The arrangement is super dope and there's tons of cool licks and exquisite playing technique being put out on that track. Not just showcasing his pure guitar playing skills, Curtis also proved his excellent songwriting skills, putting such fun rock n roll track with nice vocals and catchy lyrics just like people can hear on 'El Rio'. Another interesting song that will excite many guitar heads would be 'Instant Karamel! As it blends that rock, blues and slight jazzy atmosphere in such fine manner. The lead single for this album is actually 'Turn 3 Mach 2 which is a technically sound rock track with energetic riffs once again combine with nice arrangement that offers fine quality along with entertainment.


Another interesting song from the album is 'Jerry's Breakdown' which features a collaboration between Curtis and fellow guitar virtuoso Carl Verheyen as both combined to create an exciting blues rock piece with strong country vibe. Not only showing their exquisite guitar skills, but they also able to craft such enjoyable instrumental track that can truly entertain music lovers. Not only releasing his original songs, on the new album the guitarist also do couple of cover songs such as, 'Superstar' (previously performed by Carpenters, Sonic Youth) along with 'Letter From Home' (Pat Metheny). Both tracks certainly being presented in the maestro's own version where he put his personal touch without completely drifting away from the originals. Overall, “Resonance” is a recommended album to check out for guitar heads or music enthusiasts who enjoy tuning into any rock, blues or a bit of country. Since its already out on October 10, you all should go and get your hands on this record and enjoy the musical experience.


Full Track List for Curtis Fornadley's New Album “Resonance”:

1. Rat Beach Boogie
2. El Rio
3. Instant Karamel!
4. Turn 3 Mach 2
5. Where There’s Water There is Life
6. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
7. Jerry’s Breakdown (Featuring Special guest Carl Verheyen)
8. Sitting in the Sun
9. Daddy Long Legs
10. Superstar  (cover of Carpenters, Sonic Youth tune)
11. Welcome Home
12. You Resonate My World
13. Letter From Home (cover of Pat Metheny tune)

official release date: October 10, 2017


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Check out the official video for Curtis Fornadley's lead single 'Turn3 Mach 2'