Music View: Checking Out E-Fire's Debut Single 'Contradict'


Industrial Rock or Electronic Rock might not be the most hyped or popular genres, but that doesn't mean it can't inspire new musician to embark into that realm such as what is done by mysterious solo act named E-Fire. The Portland based rocker has just released his first single entitled 'Contradict' which was officially outed on November 26, 2017, long enough already for any music enthusiasts to check out and get their hands on. Inspired by the likes of Maryln Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Tool and Rage Against The Machine, the rocker certainly shown hints of influences from those bands, but still he remain keen on showcasing his own unique approach.


The song started out with a screeching loud electronic synth sound which immediately blend in with the hard hitting industrial rock vibe mixed with such aggressive vocal along with lyrics. On 'Contradict' E-Fire seemingly just settling himself in his electronic/industrial element as it's already sounded very experimental. Musically the track brights out that dark and deep atmosphere which somewhat captured that feeling of frustration the rocker keen on expressing. It's certainly an intriguing expression which might not be digested easily for every listeners, but any rock enthusiasts, notably those who are keen with this kind of genre will surely appreciate it well.


Being the rocker's debut single, 'Contradict' is definitely a nice platform to start with as it create that solid background along with room for more exploration which fans will be keen on expecting in future songs. Notably, without somewhat mysterious background, E-Fire has managed to create further interest in his persona through that enchanting debut single that might trigger further curiosity from rock enthusiast. Whether he will eventually share more about his personal bio, music lovers are certainly looking forward to check out more stuff from him in the coming future, most likely next year as there's just few weeks left before 2017 reach its end. Unfortunately, up til now there's now music video being made to further accompany the new song's promotion though those who are interested can just grab it via online music media outlets.


Artist/Musician : E-Fire

Song title : 'Contradict'

Official Release date: November 26, 2017.


More information about E-Fire and his new single can be checked out at: