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Continuing to support the release of their new album “13”, Los Angeles based metal act, Raven Black have just unleashed their latest single called 'Break the Box' via radio. Knowing this, I suppose it's the best time to also do a review of the whole record since it's pretty recent and will allow music fans to further acknowledge the entire music material that this rockers offer as a package. For this latest record the quartet composed seven exciting tracks, including a cover of Maryln Manson's song 'Nobody'. Having been around since 2012, this mysterious carnival themed metal band certainly keen on introducing their stuff further to reach more music enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy this genre.


First of all, let's talk about the recently released track “Break the Box”, which is a dark, gloomy, technical and slightly melodic metal piece. The wicked scream added that darkness feel that brings out such spooky yet energetic atmosphere, creating that intriguing kind of satisfaction while listening to it. 'Stick N Stones' offers another high energy dark metal with pretty cool intro riffs and that usual nice melodic and screaming vocals that adds such needed creepiness that suits the band's profile. A more feisty kind of feel can be heard from 'Monster' as the metal vocal growl/screams seems to possess that bit of emotion into it. Combined with the heavy hitting distortion along with that excellent drum patters simply showcasing that strong metal energy that can easily attract fans of this genre.


'Nothing' started off with an exciting hard rock like riffs before eventually starting to enter that dark metal vibe, giving an intense feel for metal enthusiasts from start to finish. The melodic guitar playing and fine drums once again adding that extra element for Raven Black. A slightly different element of musical stuff being implemented by the rockers on 'Spider' as it started with a dance like metal kinda thing, proving the creative potential of this band. 'Dollhouse' has that mysterious aura being thrown out straight from the get go, giving some kind of horror like atmosphere while listening to it. The band's interpretation of Marilyn Manson's 'The Nobody' is also played in such fine manner, putting out their own strength without losing the song's strong essence along the way.


Overall, Raven Black's latest album “13” is a powerful dark metal record that brings out such strong talent and potential from this four piece metal act, which already started their musical journey since 2012. Consisting of Raven (vocals), Muppet (drums/vocals), The Doctor (lead guitar) and Stiches (bass), it's quite clear that this band are just keen on focusing with their music without wanting to share too much personal profile of themselves. Through “13” they have proved their musical talent is certainly something they can rely on expressing their feel and ideas to every music lovers, especially the metal genre from all over the globe.


Full track listing for Raven Black's new album “13”:


Sticks N Stones





Break the Box

The Nobodies


Official release date: May 10, 2018.

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Here are some videos of songs from Raven Black's new album :



'The Nobodies'