Album View: Experiencing an Exciting Music Journey With Jing Chi's "Supremo"


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Taking a rather long break of 13 years, blues super group, Jing Chi, recently got back together and found their creative ideas again which resulted in the release of a new exciting album called “Supremo”. The new record received its official release date on October 21, 2017 producing in total of 10 tracks which showcase the band's musical quality that is certainly not up for debate. Combination of Robben Ford's guitar playing with Jimmy Haslip on ball plus Vinnie Colaiuta's drumming skills, certainly something that music lovers should definitely check out.


Continuing their tradition of creating that sort of super session musical display, the new release also provided music lovers with that barrage of instrumental joy, though this time there's more emphasize made for their composition, instead of just free flowing jamming session. The addition of Jeff Coffin on saxophone along with Mike Haynes (trumpet) simply making things much more tighter, lively and just fun over all. 'The Majestic' started off this musical eargasm with such massive excitement with that strong fusion play of blues, rock, bit of jazz and even pop element being blend in such colorful fashion, without giving any moment for listener to get bored. 'Better Times' has that bit oldies kind of feel with the strong brass dominance early on, giving that bluesy fusion sound an element of pop-funk feel into it.


'Showtime' provided more of that funk and progressive kind of approach, simply offering another new dimension of the album that can get music lovers simply hooked and curious. A strong slow bluesy feel can be heard from 'Secrets', once again giving out that vintage atmosphere, especially from the melodies. For those keen more on the fusion jazz sound can certainly enjoy 'Casablanca' that brings out that style from start to finish, providing that calm and comforting sound without losing grip on its technical value as well. 'Vegas' has that fun tempo combined with some exciting chords, creating such happy go lucky kind of feeling while listening to it. Certainly a fitting track for its title as it sort of represent how ones would be feeling when they are enjoying their time in Vegas.


The final track from this album itself is called Jing Xi, an intriguing fusion track with that prog element that provides sort of mysterious kind of vibe that is combined with such melodic display, notably from Ford's excellent guitar playing. Overall, Jing Chi's fourth release “Supremo” is an enterprising musical experience in which its listener are set to enjoy such masterful creative display that doesn't neglect that strong melodic value and crafty composition. Despite being an instrumental album, music lovers won't feel boredom since there's different element of emphasize being used in every tracks. Each songs seems to offer different approach to their fusion play, creating that fine harmony from one to another before eventually reaching the final destination. Robben, Jimmy and Vinnie proved that a long break doesn't easily throw away that musical quality and chemistry from them as they certainly comes back with such powerful album.


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