Album View: Mr. Big's New Release "Defying Gravity"


Photo credit: William Hames


Rock maestros, Mr. Big are inching closer for the official release of their new album entitled “Defying Gravity” which will be unleashed on July 21, this year. Already releasing several singles from the upcoming record, music lovers might get glimpses of what they can expect from the rockers, though there are some exciting songs that they haven't officially released as just yet. Being the follow up to their 2014 outing “The Stories We Could Tell”, the quartet are set to offer another entertaining rockin' ride for music lovers all over the globe, especially those who enjoy quality rock and roll stuff. Still recording with the original foursome members of, Eric Martin (vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), Pat Torpey (drums) along with an official additional player Matt Starr (also on drums), the band's die hard fans can really expect tons of fun journey on the new album.

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Album View: American High's "Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement"


Being strongly influenced by 60's/70's rock scene along with Punk musical scenes, Californian based quartet called American High are getting themselves involved into the music realm with their debut full length released entitled “Bones in the Attic, Flower in the Basement”. Not only setting up a pretty long name for their album, the band also crafted good amount of songs as in total they composed 13 exciting and rockin' tracks. Already getting its official release back on March 8 this year, music lovers can already check out their latest outing and riding along an intense musical journey that they're arranging via that record.

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Music View: Mr. Big's New Music Video 'Everybody Needs a Little Trouble'

Mr. Big photo credit William Hames


Three years after releasing their latest record, “The Stories We Could Tell” back in 2014, US rock maestro, Mr. Big are set to launch their new album entitled “Defying Grafity”, scheduled for a release on July 7 this year. Ahead of that upcoming outing, the foursome have already premiered their first music video for the single called 'Everybody Needs a Little Trouble', which can be viewed in Frontiers Music's offical youtube page. Previously, the record company also teased music fans by unleashing an audio stream from another single of the rockers, titled '1992'.

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Album View: Jay Regan's Second Album "Wash Me"


Combining different styles of music into one album is never an easy thing to do, but it doesn't seem that troublesome for Philadelphia based acoustic rocker, Jay Regan. The musician recently unleashed his second album entitled “Wash Me”, which is an exciting mix of his basic rock root with many other genres, from Funk, Country, R&B and more. Those so called chaotic combination seemingly rather odd and unique, but also exciting as fans can simply enjoy many different styles, feels and approach while tuning into the new record. Composing 15 tracks, Regan simply puts tons of effort to craft such entertaining album that can attract attention from all music lovers, aside from those who truly enjoy rock music.

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Album View: The Fatal Pursuit's New Record "Sinful"

The hard rock/metal music scenes continue to produce exciting musicians/ bands that can entertain fans, notably those new generation music lovers who are enjoying the genre. One of the latest rockers that deserved strong notice are Canadian based quartet, The Fatal Pursuit, which recently released their latest album entitled “Sinful”. Crafting eight exciting tracks, the foursome are keen on taking rock lovers into a thrilling head banging musical journey that brings out tons of joy. This record itself has been officially released on March 31st and can even be heard online via several music streaming medias such as Spotify along with Soundcloud.

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