Video: Def Leppard Released MV for 'Man Enough'

 Def Leppard Premiering New Music Video

British legendary rockers, Def Leppard recently debuted the music video for their latest single titled, 'Man Enough', which is also the third track from their new self-titled album outed back in October 2015. The music video for it was being shot by Frank Gryner, creating an interesting combination between 3D CG with high definition visualization of the rockers, playing their song in a dark background which somewhat putting them in a sort of visual media. It's quite unique as basically the clip is not being made in a super fancy kind of way with in depth story telling, but everything is just well made and look modern.

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Video: Paul Gilbert's Educational MV 'Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal'

 Paul Gilbert's Educational Music Video

Couple of months back, guitar maestro, Paul Gilbert premiered an interesting music video on his Youtube channel for one of his new songs titled, 'Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal'. Which we previously previewed before our site suffered from technical issue, which forced us to sort of getting things back from scrap. Getting back to PG's track, this song is the first one that was made into video clip from his latest record, “I Can Destroy”. The guitarist streamed his album's title track earlier, but it was merely and audio instead of an MV. There's no confirmation on whether the MR. Big guitarist will be creating another clip for songs on his new record which have been officially unleashed back on May 27, 2016.

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Video: Miggs' Single titled 'Walls Come Down'

Miggs' video for their single titled 'Walls Come Down'



Back in late 2014, Pop-Rock act Miggs were gracious enough to use Rock-Expert website as the platform in promoting their single titled 'Walls Come Down', which is an excellent tune which should be receiving plenty affection if some issues didn't happen with our site. Recent technical issues that we're experiencing forcing us to lose that exciting article about Miggs video lyric, which now we are keen on restoring again via this article. Along with some additional info about this exciting Tampa based rockers.


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Video: Babymetal Performed With Judas Priest's Rob Halford

Japanese new pop-metal icon, Babymetal continue to make their way into getting that international recognition as they recently performed with Judas Priest's lead singer, Rob Halford in the 2016 Alternative Press Music Awards. The three young girls took the stage singing two Priest's renown tracks, 'Painkiller' along with 'Breaking the Law' giving all they could which received positive affection from Halford himself, who stated that those girls gave 1000 percent on their performance. It was an intense display indeed, from the first track which basically vocal duet between Babymetal's Su metal into the second one where the other two members, Yui and Moa showing up playing guitars.


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