Album Review: Year of the Locust's New Album "Devolver"

Another exciting stuff arrived for Metal/Modern Rock enthusiasts this year, as Long Island based rockers, Year of the Locust(YOTL) are set to release their full length record entitled “Devolver” on July 22. The upcoming album consist of 13 hard rockin' tracks that should fully entertain fans of this type of genre. Being produced by Jimmy Sabella and mastered by Don Zientara, YOTL are not messing around with their upcoming release, especially since the band put on such strong themes and messages, from war, drug addiction, personal growth, redemption and many more. Those serious ideas along with heavy and exciting sound are being combined in a fine manner by the band as it can be heard even from the short 'Intro' they put out to start the whole musical adventure.


After experiencing that short burst of rockin guitar melody intro, music fans immediately taken into a heavy rock atmosphere of the album's title track, which despite not too long left an impressive feel with its excellent sound and catchy riff. 'Sledgehammer' offers another heavy sounding display with strong vocals and seemingly deep lyrics that should give enough headbanging moment for rock lovers. 'Rise Up' opens up with an exciting and powerful guitar riff, while despite its hard hitting sound, this song still provide such friendly melody along with singable chorus. A mysterious and somewhat dark atmosphere can be heard from 'Imagine the Children' while the vocals also offer a slight alternative/grunge feel.


Those keen for some fun metal tune can checked out 'My Medicine', that offer such interesting listening experience with its pace, melody and arrangement. A more melodic modern rock approach from the band can be found on 'Broken Now' that has such an exciting verse part and powerful chorus. 'In Your Corner' started with a fun drum beats which blend into dark metal atmosphere when the music starts kicking. This one can be considered one of their songs that can bridge out new rock listener into a much heavier stuff as this track have a nice melodic chorus line. 'Club California' offer that classic hard rock riff combined with modern metal sound and another alternative vocal feels, especially on the refrain part. Fans who are wondering about the softer and ballad side of this rockers should definitely tune in to 'Movin On' which is very melodic and catchy acoustic stuff early on before inserting their heavy sound.


Another nice blend of alternative rock and heavy hitting metal sound can be heard from 'Better than You' which also offer fine solo guitar work. 'Twenty Two(22)' started off as a slow alt ballad, before getting heavy and brought another mysterious rockin atmosphere. The band ended their record just like they started it, by putting out a loud hard rocking metal track, 'Spyderman' which despite its supposedly funny title sounded far from a comedic tune. Overall, “Devolver” is truly a hard rocking record that won't disappoint any metal heads or hard rock enthusiasts out there as they really went heavy in most of their songs. Nevertheless, YOTL were still able to blend such melodic musical feel into their tracks, creating a heavy yet enjoyable tunes that can even be heard by new rock listeners who haven't been exposed too much with metal madness.


After their EP titled “Home” back in 2015, this rockers consisting of: Scot McGiveron (Guitars and Vocal) Raeshwan A. Greene (Drums), Peter Hellers(Lead guitar/vocal) and Fred Serrell (Bass ) really put out lots of effort for “Devolver” as it can be heard from such a fine arrangement and exquisite sound from all of the songs on that upcoming release. So, metal fans who are looking for some new and exciting stuff can definitely get their hands on this record as it's already made available for pre-order. Aside from the album, YOTL also plan to hold CD release party sometime on July 29 along with supporting tour later in the year. Accompanying the early promotion bid, they have also premiered a music video for 'Rise Up' which is available for viewing via Youtube.



Full Track Listing for Year of the Locust's “Devolver”:





4.Rise Up,

5.Imagine the Children,

6.My Medicine,

7.Broken Now,

8. In Your Corner,

9.Club California,

10.Movin' On,

11.Better Than You,

12.Twenty Two,

13.Spyder Man


Here is the music video for YOTL's 'Rise Up':



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