Music View: Alligator Blood's Latest Single 'Done'


Continuing the promotion for their self-titled debut, Alligator Blood recently unleashing their latest single entitled 'Done' along with its accompanying music video. The track was a follow up to the band's previous song 'Death of a Heretic', which was outed earlier this month as the new album's first single. This second song is somewhat giving away that darker, heavier and more metal attitude compared to the four piece rockers' first single. The band seemingly keen on giving a stronger expression along with impression for music lovers about what kind of musical approach they're aiming.


Looking closer into the track, despite starting with a semi acoustic kind of feel, the song immediately embark into that dark and heavy distortion, bringing out such strong metal feel. Tyler Lawson goes into more of that high, screaming vocals for this track in comparison to the previous song. The guitar riffs have a much darker atmosphere and tone, but seemingly more simple without too many fancy stuff going on. It looks like, the band are simply keen on pursuing that atmosphere instead of playing around with more technical approach. Although technically there's not much to discuss about, but their instrumental sound simply suits well as a whole song, since the whole ambiance needs more of that sound exploration rather than technical stuff. That's why it's not much of an issue for the rockers not to put out a fancier technical display for this particular song.


The music video itself was being directed by Julie Pyle, Lawson & Kristian Roloff under Jayde Monroe Productions. The basic concept of 'Done' mv is quite similar with 'Death of a Heretic' as in it combines footage of the band rocking out along with clips that tries to tell a certain story from the song itself. It's another dark themed video with some location clearly being placed in a somewhat dessert or dessert like set. There's some shots of gambling related stuff, possibly indicating the band's Las Vegas bond. Other footage shows Lawson acting up like a powerful man while being seduced by a sexy girl with nun like appearance. Overall, it's another metal track that is looking to establish their name in that genre along with getting the metal lovers attracted in what they're doing. Certainly an interesting follow up to their first single, as this second second offering slightly darker and heavier sound but still having that similarly unique atmosphere as the previous track.


Here is the track list for Alligator Blood's self titled debut album:


Death of a Heretic
Rock Devil
So Hollow
Heavy Metal Bake Sale
The Sky Has Fallen on Me
Searching the Unholy
High Hopes & Pipe Dreams


release date: Marc 13, 2020

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Here is the official music video for Alligator Blood's new single 'Done' :