Music View: The Naveblues' Cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Thank You'

Being such an influential and legendary band, Led Zeppelin continue to inspire many current musicians, including Norway's blue/indie rock artist called The Naveblues, who recently released a rendition of Zeppelin's classic tune 'Thank You' as the musician's new single. Accompanying that track, Naveblues also premiered a music video, which has been streamed via Youtube since October 19, 2016. Musically, the mysterious musician didn't make too many changes with that classic tune, though there's certainly some different feel and approach that being brought to make it different from Zeppelin's original. Apart from wrapping it in a more modern sound, Naveblues also made it bluesier and the Norway based artist also replaced Jimmy Page solo guitar with an equally exciting harmonica lead.


However, the most intriguing part from Naveblues' cover of 'Thank You' is most likely its music video which tells an interesting short story. In the clip, music lovers will see a female heroine who has been picked to become the first settler in Mars. The female character's emotional dwell about her experience is basically what is being captured by the MV, hoping that viewers can capture that feel of making huge trade off in life. Experiencing something completely new while leaving all the comfortable things we normally have is not an easy thing, but sometime it's simply the decision we take in order to fulfill our life ambitions. The song is blending quite well with the short story and somehow reflecting that feel and emotion from that first lady in Mars.There's plenty interesting scenes that can be viewed from the video, but the last part which saw a spectacular sight of sunset at the Red planet is certainly worth watching. 


Getting to know more about Naveblues, the music project is being created by singer/songwriter, Nave Pundik, who was pretty much the man behind that haunting harmonica solo in 'Thank You'. Notably this cover track is not the first or only release from Pundik as he previously also outed several other singles with 'Sexy Kiss' being the latest that attracted strong attention from music enthusiasts. Hopefully, with the interesting rendition of Zeppelin's 'Thank You' along with it's fascinating music video, we will be able to see more works from this Norway rock musician. Combining that electric blues feel along with indie rock vibe, The Naveblues won't be having too much problems in attracting fans from all over the globe, especially those who enjoy this kind of genre.


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Here is the official music video for The Naveblues' 'Thank You' :