Album View: Saint Blasphemer New Record "Simon Templar"

Combining elements of alternative, grunge along with metal, California based band called Saint Blasphemer are eager to entertain the music realm with their new album titled “Simon Templar”. Being formed in an EP type of thingy with only five songs being crafted, doesn't mean that this talented quartet are less serious in preparing for their record as they actually put on a pretty deep thoughts on their songs. Thomas Monroe (vocals), John Castellon (guitar), Steve Shell(bass) and Steve Ybarra (drums) decided to share their difficult experience through the tracks on that album as they are keen on making music that can help people getting through the tough moments in life.


“Simon Templar” itself has had its official released back in October 15, 2016 and starting out that EP is a track titled 'Nullify' which also has an explicit lyrics warning. The track has a quite crunchy guitar sound along with nice bass line as the intro. There's an obvious metal-alternative mindset into it, taking people experiencing that intriguing music experience, which somewhat similar to Tool or Jane's Addiction early musical stuff. Saint Blasphemer's second track is actually the EP's title track, which offer that mysterious vibe with deep and rather depressed atmosphere, notably with the lyrics. Still that combination of alternative and metal brought such fun element into the song, offering a soothing experience for fans.


'Scarecrow' is an interesting metal track with that started out with such strong and heavy riffs, but remain quite catchy that can be enjoyed by many rock/metal lovers. It also offer that fiery and energetic atmosphere combined with such soothing vibe as well, taking listener into a unique comfortable musical realm. 'A Perfect Rose' sounds like a love song combined with that strong metal energy, making it another exciting song that can easily be enjoyed by many music enthusiast out there. It has a unique blend of joyful and that raw metal feel which provide a very interesting mood when checking the track out. Finally, this mini album is being concluded with a fine fast paced piece titled 'Breaking Just Bend' that has that strong alternative atmosphere and another pretty catchy hook. Somewhat suitable song to end such richly entertaining musical journey from a talented quarted such as Saint Blasphemer.


Overall, the California metal act certainly release a very entertaining an interesting musical journey with their new record “Simon Templar”. The songs have such strong energy and naturally well written as well, providing such fun ride for those listening to it. Musically, this quartet also able to combine that element of alternative, metal and slight grunge vibe in a quite balance way that leads into an exciting collection of songs. Although the sound might not be something that every metal lovers in this era would enjoy, but with such fine composition, they should still be able to get themselves entertain while checking this band out. This is an album worthy of checking out indeed for any hard rock/metal devotees who are always keen on hearing new emerging talents that can eventually get their names into the current musical realm. In further support of the album, Saint Blasphemer have also released accompanying music videos for some of their songs via the band's official YouTube channel.


Here is the complete track list for Saint Blasphemere's new record “Simon Templar”:


Nullify (Explicit)

Simon Templar


A Perfect Rose

Breaking Just to Bend


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Simon Templar