Album View: The Fatal Pursuit's New Record "Sinful"

The hard rock/metal music scenes continue to produce exciting musicians/ bands that can entertain fans, notably those new generation music lovers who are enjoying the genre. One of the latest rockers that deserved strong notice are Canadian based quartet, The Fatal Pursuit, which recently released their latest album entitled “Sinful”. Crafting eight exciting tracks, the foursome are keen on taking rock lovers into a thrilling head banging musical journey that brings out tons of joy. This record itself has been officially released on March 31st and can even be heard online via several music streaming medias such as Spotify along with Soundcloud.


Leading the way for The Fatal Pursuit's latest record is a song called 'Infinitely' which is a thumping hard rock/metal piece with strong melodic presence. The combination between exciting guitar riffs along with catchy chorus part can certainly attract plenty attention from music lovers, even for those outside of the rock realm. Following things up is 'In Time' which starts of with a more complex musical play with that progressive metal vibe during its intro part. Things continue to get heavy as the song went and the intense solo guitar play should also trigger further interest from those guitar heads out there. Another Avenged Sevenfold like atmosphere can be heard from the next song entitled 'Cold Steel Track' that continue to combine energetic metal play with very singable hooks.


A more fast paced song is being presented on 'Drown The Heart' which once again started out with fine riffs and brought in another melodic feel during the chorus part. Further prog vibe can also be felt from this track, notably with it's drums beat along with guitar playing. 'Look to the Sky' has that slightly dark and mysterious vibe going, notably with its intro part. The vocal approach also took a heavier approach giving that gloomy atmosphere overall and the arrangement also create a sort of melodic/harmonic metal feel. 'Overflow' added that scream vocals to offer something slightly different compared to previous songs, but musically the band never really abandon their basic roots. Another fine guitar riffs is being offered by 'The Rust' which brought slight funk-metal approach during its intro and verse part. Combining the natural melodic play during chorus along with fine vocal display, this is another interesting track to check out.


The band eventually ended their musical journey with 'Fall Into Flight', an acoustic piece with melodic-metal vibe that should really entertain many music listeners all around the globe. Those who always keen on checking out any hard rock band's softer or ballad side will certainly enjoy this track, especially with the quite emotional vocal display being given on this track. Overall, The Fatal Pursuit's latest record is truly an interesting record to check out for any hard rock/metal lovers as musically they do offer plenty excitement and potential. Although, the guitar sound might not be as modern or spectacular of several bands of similar genre, but they're musical prowess along with arrangement are excellent. Already being made available for tuning since March 31st, 2017, music fans should definitely check them out and hoping that they can further improve and keep making new music.


Consisting of four talented musicians, such as: Dylan Lock (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Braden Massey (Bass Guitar), Shayne Dunbar (Lead Guitar), Chase Hamilton (Drums), they started out their musical journey together back in 2015. Being originally formed by Dylan, Braden and Shayne, they finally opted to embark on an album work soon after discovering Chase. After such intense hard work, “Sinful” eventually become the result of the band's special work and now they are looking to get themselves notice by the global music scene. That's why those who are always in search for new talent in the hard rock/metal world, The Fatal Pursuit might be one of those who deserved further acknowledgement.


The full track listing for The Fatal Pursuit's New Album “Sinful” :



In Time

Cold Steel Tracks

Down The Heart

Look to the Sky


The Rust

Fall Into Flight


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