Music View: Enjoying a Fun Musical Ride With Greg Howe's "Wheelhouse"

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After entertaining the music world with his rock band's Maragold debut in 2013, guitar virtuoso, Greg Howe returns to his instrumental solo realm as he recently launched a new record entitled “Wheelhouse”(2017). On his new record, Greg brings out his enchanting rock fusion stuff filled with majestic guitar display, something that many guitar heads might be missing in this past three-four years. Making the new release more interesting, the axeman also collaborated with top musicians, such as fellow guitar hero, Richie Kotzen (The Winery Dogs, Ex-Poison, Ex-Mr. Big) along with keyboardist Ronnier Foster (Stevie Wonder, George Benson).


Consisting of nine tracks, “Wheelhouse” started its musical journey with a song called 'Tempest Pulse', a fun and energetic fusion jazzy tune combined with light rock sound along with creative guitar solos. The groovy drum beats blends well with Greg's creative guitar melodies and jazzy chords, crafting such comforting but yet technically accomplished music. '2 in 1' offers a more laid back kind of atmosphere with its slow verse part, though things get slightly rockin during its chorus parts. The jazzy feel remain strong on this second track, notably with an interesting short swing/bee bop kind of element being inserted.


'Throw Down' is another interesting song as it brings out a more rocking kind of feel with such electrifying guitar riffs and heavier sound. 'Landslide' offers that slow paced jazzy approach with exquisite shredding solo guitar licks along with that fine progressive touch. 'Key to Open' sounds more like warm up licks being played in an acoustic guitar, a quite interesting selection indeed from Greg.

'Push On' brings out a fun enjoyable riffs along with unique chords progression and most certainly intriguing guitar works. 'Let It Slip' has that funky tune and fine melodies that creates such catchy feel good atmosphere for those listening to it. Meanwhile, 'I Wonder' brings out such a cool vibe with the usage of wah effects pedal during its intro and verse part.


As for the final track, Greg opted to put on his collaboration with Kotzen, 'Shady Lane' as that closing piece, giving that special ending to such a joyful musical ride on “Wheelhouse”. The track itself is such an enjoyable bluesy fusion rock piece that becomes more entertaining with RK's lovely vocals aside from his monstrous guitar playing. Certainly a beautiful musical piece that fits well as the final part of such quality record. Overall, this new album is simply what music lovers and guitar heads can expect from a maestro like Greg Howe. Collection of enjoyable instrumental guitar stuff being wrapped in fusion rock element, which can easily attract anyone from different genres to sit tight and enjoy comforting hours of fine music.

Full track listing for Greg Howe's new album “Wheelhouse”:


Tempest Pulse

2 In 1

Throw Down


Key to Open

Push On

Let It Slip

I Wonder

Shady Lane (feat. Richie Kotzen)


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Unfortunately there's no accompanying music video being released as just yet to support the new album, but those keen on getting “Wheelhouse” can check out the maestro's website or via spotify.