Album View: Enjoying Night Herons' Sophomore Release "Relevant Noise"



Keen on delivering another exciting stuff for the rock music enthusiasts, Oakland based rockers, Night Herons have just released their latest album entitled “Relevant Noise”, which received its official outing back on June 27, 2017. The new record is Herons' follow up to their 2014 debut “Shipyard Riot” and for their sophomore release, the trio certainly hoping for more success as they're now much more comfortable in terms of making music together. Already starting their recording process back in the summer of 2016, the rockers were able to produce 15 tracks which they believe are diverse but remain cohesive as one entity in an album.


Combining individual ideas along with stuff suddenly comes up during their jam session, Night Herons believes they are able to capture the kind of sound and song writing process they're keen on. Raw rocking sound with interesting melodies and unique vocals approach are some basic stuff that music lovers can pretty much enjoy from this record, while the band seemingly try to incorporate alternative, indie and hard rock pieces into “Relevant Noise”. Strong alternative rock feel can be heard with some of their early tracks such as 'Compromise', 'Fighters & Lovers or 'Wildfires' that have that vintage and somewhat minimalist sound but not losing much appeal for anyone listening to it. Fun melodies and nice harmonies also make the band's songs in their sophomore outing are very enjoyable and somewhat take people into that certain moment in time.


'Sunflowers' is a good example of that song where people who are listening to it somehow taken into a certain time where they're having such exciting moment in their life. The band's attempt on inserting that bid of hard rock feel an also be experienced in tracks such as 'Bad Idea' or 'Blue River' while for music enthusiast who are looking for something more melodic and ballad can check up 'Blurred'. Another enjoyable piece that can immediately hook listener from it's catchy verse is 'Razorblade', though it still combine that classic hard rock vibe during its chorus part. Two final tracks from this album are '10,000 women and 'Overload', couple of fine closing tracks indeed for ending such intriguing alternative rock music journey.


Overall, the new album from Night Herons are an interesting piece of musical work that certainly deserved checking out, especially for those who adore alternative/indie rock bands or that classic raw hard rock sound with fine melodies accompanying it. Born of the unique musical combination of Dana Berry (Vocals, Drum, Guitar), Mike Assenzio (Guitar) and Larry Huene (Drums, Guitar), “Relevant Noise” is one of those record that left that certain sweet and comforting taste after listening to the whole songs. Sound wise it might not be the modern kind of experience that some music enthusiasts are looking for, but it's raw approach brought that certain uniqueness that actually makes it quite charming.



Full track list for Night Herons' sophomore release “Relevant Noise”:

1. Compromise
2. Fighters & Lovers
3. Blurred
4. Wildfires
5. Sunflowers
6. Glaciers
7. Let Me In
8. Feels Like a Breakdown
9. 2x2
10. Blue River
11. Bad idea
12. Stay Awake
13. Razorblade
14. 10.000 Women
15. Overload

Album's release date: July 27, 2017.


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'Blue River'

'Bad Idea'

'Let Me In'