Music View: Checking Out Mike Milan Dedic's New Single 'Escape'


Guitar instrumental is a genre that despite lacking some popularity and exposure in recent years, but never seems to stop any new musician from entering the parade, just like what Toronto, Canada based rock guitarist, Mike Milan Dedic, is currently doing. Starting out his musical adventure way back in 1987 with “The Pleasure's Yours”, he recently return into the scene with a new track titled 'Escape', that was outed earlier this year. Although it's just a single, but it's still an exciting piece of music to check out especially for guitar lovers, who are keen on checking out some fresh stuff from a player that might still be considered rather new globally.


The track itself is an exciting instrumental rock piece with a bit of neo classic element, which mostly notable from the solo licks being used by Mike. Having that raw and loud sound create that unique air in which music fans might feel an intriguing feel while tuning in to the song. Accompanying that new single, the Canadian guitarist also premiered a music video which was shot in 360 mode and practically showcasing he and his band rockin out to 'Escape'. Nothing fancy or filled with complicated story, but it's still a nice and fun clip that can be enjoyed by those who are more comfortable in checking out today's music via Youtube.



Overall, 'Escape' is certainly a fun and rockin' instrumental guitar track that can bring another addition for guitar heads or rock lovers' song playlist ahead of 2018. Hopefully, the new single will further inspire Mike in exploring his musical talent and come back with a new full length album in the new year. Starting to play guitar at the age of 12, the axeman mostly learn everything on his own, with inspiration coming from many top guitar maestros such as, Van Halen, Rhandy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteeen, Ritchie Blackmore and many more. Those bit of influences can actually be heard even on his latest album as he seemingly try to combine bits of those players by using his own approach. That/s what makes the new single is quite interesting as guitar heads can also use it to analyze the music aside from enjoying it.


Artist: Mike Milan Dedic

Song title : 'Escape'

Release date : 2017



More information about Mike and his new single can be checked out at:


Check out the official music video for Mike Milan Dedic's new single 'Escape'