Album View: Matt Chanway's Self titled Metal Release

Metal music never stops giving birth to new talented musician as despite not always being part of the latest trend, there's always an exciting musician that keen on getting themselves into the music realm. One latest name that can attract many fans of that genre, especially progressive metal is guitar virtuoso, Matt Chanway, who recently released his self-titled instrumental record back on December 25, 2016. On that outing, Matt sent out in total of six heavy hitting tracks that should get any metal heads shaking in joy as there's just no other element outside of the rigorous headbanging music that the axeman offers.


Starting things out, the Vancouver based musician introduced an intriguing, slightly dark, heavy atmosphere approach in a song called 'Evidence of the Arcane'. The progressive approach brought a more technical element into that track, creating a rather complex musical play added with fast shredding guitar playing. 'The Receiver of Wisdon' also started out in such vicious pace with another fine riff and excellent guitar playing, which should entertain those arpeggio lovers. Although the theme didn't sound too dark, but there's that unique mysterious ambiance that can be heard from that second track. A more modern metal feel is provided by Chanway on the third track 'Harbinger 2.1', which continue to bring that headbanging enjoyment for those who are listening to this record.


'271114' continuing the fast pace musical journey from previous track, though the progressive element were able to put some short break in between to keep swaying that emotion up and down. Another technical piece that might not be easy to digest for some music lovers, but those who are attracted with this kind of genre will find it exciting indeed. The next song being put out on that record is 'Eyes in the Sky', which possessed an intriguing intro riff and excellent skillful solo playing, that should awe many aspiring guitar players out there. Finally, the album was sealed with 'Lucidity' which interestingly has that sparks of melodic play from Chanway, another showcase of his strong musical potential in arranging those complex prog metal stuff while also able to add a slight sweet spark in his playing. Overall, the guitarist's self titled release is certainly an interesting one, notably for fans of this genre as it offers nothing more aside from heavy, complex, fast paced headbanging runs from start to finish.


In the mist of preparing for his band's Assimilation, upcoming release in March, 2017, Matt Chanway feels the urge to sent out a scorching metal record that can somewhat represent his own musical view. Holding a diploma from University of London in guitar performance, the axeman certainly showcased such talent, especially in his abundance of skills. Although the arrangement might not be something that everyone can enjoy, but it's clear that the Vancouver musician is just keen on introducing his stuff to those who are strongly interested. Moreover, this album can also be seen as a picture of what can guitar heads expect on his metal band's album later this year.


Full track listing for Matt Chanway's Self titled album (released on December 25, 2016)


Evidence of the Arcane

The Receiver of Wisdom

Harbinger 2.1


Eyes in the Sky



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