Enjoying Fun Alternative Rock Sound from Lochness Monster's "Fables"



Combining pop punk with psychedelic stuff has always been an intriguing and interesting approach done by alternative rockers, including Florida based foursome, Lochness Monster. The band have taken that kind of setup for their recent outing “Fables” which already got its official release back on January 1st 2017. On their new record, the rockers seemingly keen on exploring and capturing the best stuff from rock music scene in recent decades. That exploration resulted in the birth of 11 exciting tracks, which production process was aided by James Paul Wisner, who previously worked with Paramore, Underoath, Dangerous Summer, etc.


The first track from Lochness Monster's “Fables” is an up lifting alternative rock piece called 'First Flight' which has a nice and warm melody. There's that certain pop-punk vibe being brought in straight from the start, giving somewhat comforting kind of feel while listening to it. 'Pendulum' offer more alternative rock sound with slightly mysterious kind vibe, giving out a heavier feel, notably with the strong distortion being implemented. Next on line is the album's title track which has fresh kind of riffs and seemingly mixing that pop-rock alternative sound with psychedelic element into one fine unity. It's one of those nice enjoyable track that still able to take its listener into a certain moment in time.


'Pixie Cut' has a quite unique riffs with that fine alternative rock atmosphere which combines nice melodies and pretty ear catchy chorus part. Certainly another track that can strongly attract music fans from taking interest on the band's works. 'Lencois' started out with a nice melodic guitar piece and slowly building up a nice comforting musical atmosphere throughout the song as it does has that slight ballad kind of feel. 'Returns Anchor' brings the album's journey back into that heavier tone, especially with strong riffs part during its intro and chorus. There's that psychedelic rock kind of vibe being implemented with nice heavy sound while not losing its melodic identity.


An up beat rockin' vibe can be discovered on '15 Rounds' that has that nice fast tempo rock feel which immediately starts from the beginning and throughout the whole track. 'Salem' has that nice slow pop-punk tune which is very singable and catchy, while 'Nocturnes' offers a slightly deeper and more of a rock ballad like approach, but both are certainly filled with fine melodies. 'Final Bow' has that fun teenage alternative rock atmosphere with heavy chorus part combined with a slower and melodic verse. Finally, the band's musical journey is being completed with a track called 'The Groove' that brings a deep, somewhat sorrowful kind of tune which seemingly taking its listener out of their trip in “Fables”. Overall, Lochness Monster's full length LP is an interesting musical work that really brings out many fun an exciting aspect of alternative rock sound. Those who are keen on this kind of genre will certainly be entertained and even fans who are not much of a rock enthusiasts can still enjoy it due the songs' fine melodic arrangement and easy listening atmosphere.

Full Track List for Lochness Monster's new album “Fables”:


First Flight



Pixie Cut


Anchors Gone

15 Rounds



Final Bow

The Groove


Album's official release date: January 12, 2017.


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Here is the music video for Lochness Monster's track 'Pixie Cut' :