Reviewing Westward's 'The Last Stand' of New Album "The Empire of Deception"


Following the release of their debut record “The Deadly Rapture of Space” back in 2015, Salt Lake City native rockers, Westward are now gearing up to unleash their second album which will be titled “The Empire of Deception” on October 14th, 2017. Being strongly inspired with band such as Muse, Queen, Rush and others, music enthusiasts who are yet familiar with their stuff can somewhat capture essence of those top bands through the songs that this talented trio produced. The rockers are basically combining element of western trail music with futuristic stuff along with progressive rock, thus resulting in an exciting style which is labeled as cowboy space rock.


Preparing for the new album's release, Westward recently unleashed their latest single 'The Last Stand' which offers a unique combination of different stuff. The tract started off with that slight latin-western combo style before eventually blending in nicely with their so called cowboy space rock element. Certainly a very interesting option to further introduce their record as it's a track that strongly represent what this Salt Lake City based trio are about.


Writing the songs on their new record during their tour, Westward were able to compose in total of 10 rocking tracks including 'The Last Stand. 'Empire of Deception' is actually the first song off their new record, a futuristic progressive rock sounding piece which also putting out fine melodies. The raw distortion combined with the sound sampling certainly giving away that strong Muse atmosphere, though the Utah based trio try to maintain their own style. 'Enhancement' brings out a more hard rock kind of vibe with its intro, but without ditching any of their basic futuristic prog-rock element along with melodic values.


A fun and catchy rockin riff tune can be heard from 'Force and Matter, certainly one of the most exciting track from this album as the fuzzy guitar tone sounded very delightful and bright throughout this track. 'Time' starting with a metal like intro, before embarking into something more alternative like for its verse and pretty much combining all of those mixture into one interesting track. 'Redemption' has that strong progressive approach with such exciting riffs and once again unique guitar melodies accompanying it.


Those who are keen on a softer or ballad side of Westward can check out 'Defiance' that offer that melodic rock ballad piece, which get slightly heavier in the end, but without losing it's lovely melodies. 'Fall from the Sky' is chosen as the final track of this album and it also offer another lovely slow rock-ballad style, only this time it brings out full acoustic vibe. Overall, their latest single 'The Last Stand' along with overall their album “The Empire of Deception” are certainly an excellent option for any rock lovers, notably those who enjoy this type of futuristic rock bands. Strong opera like vocals, with raw fuzzy sounding tunes, enjoyable melodies along with fine arrangement can be discovered when listening to the band's songs.


Full track listing for Westward's “The Empire of Deception”:


Empire of Deception


The Last Stand


Force and Matter



Risk Factor 5


Far From The Sky


'The Last Stand' release date : August 18, 2017

Album's official release date: October 14th 2017


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Twitter: @Westward_Band
Instagram: @westwardtheband

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Here is a music video for Westward's 'Force and Matter' :