Album View: Paul Maged's Latest Release "Light Years Away"


Receiving success and positive acknowledgments with his previous release, “Diamond & Demons”, rock song writer/singer Paul Maged returns with a new EP entitled “Light Years Away”, which had its official outing on October 10, 2017. Being planned as the opener of a trilogy, Maged composed six new tracks for his latest record along with an addition of one cover track, in which the musician personally dedicated towards one of his musical inspiration Chris Cornell. Moreover, the music on his new album itself is being described as his next progression into the song writing world as the New York based rocker is determined in exploring more ambitious sound. Being produced by Sean Gill, music lovers can enjoy that intriguing and exciting alternative rock approach with slight combination of other element such as pop, pop-punk on this new outing.


Beginning his new musical journey, Maged sent out a track called 'PC Police' which brings out that strong pop punk flavor with light and fun melodies along with energetic riffs. This track also supposedly a satirical look of the political correctness that has been widely spreading through today's society. The singer song-writer's unique voice also blends in smoothly with the fun music, creating a warm and just energizing atmosphere. 'Moment of Strength' offer a more alternative rock with that pop touch that create another enjoyable piece, especially since it does possessed that soulful melodies. The album's title track has a heavier rock approach on its sound, showcasing that slight Muse influence. Despite putting out a harder rockin' sound, this track doesn't lose its fun and nice melodic alternative rock element at all.


The next song from Maged's new outing is a lovely pop-alternative track called Ashley Jane that started off with lovely acoustic playing. This track gets more exciting with the additional harmonica playing from Cabbage Pomeranz, which simply making things much more colorful. A darker kind of atmosphere being implemented on 'Half Moon' which still has fine melody lines and riffs despite the track's gloomy feel. 'Like A Stone' is just like many might predicted once they saw the title, is basically the rocker's cover of Audioslave's popular track. Playing his own rendition, Paul Maged is giving his best tribute in honor of Chris Cornell's recent passing away. Finally, “Light Years Away” is being concluded with a reprise of 'Moment Of Strenght', which is like a closing short bar of that second track ending part.


Keen on exploring and improving his musical views, Maged certainly brings out another exciting album that music lover, especially rock enthusiasts will be interested in hearing. Overall, “Light Years Away” is an energetic, fun, soulful and seemingly an honest means for the New York based musicians to express all of his thoughts into music. It's not super heavy or complex, but it still good enough to showcase the musical talent that the singer possess in composing such lovely tunes that can be easily enjoyed by many people. As an opening act of a planned trilogy, this new EP is certainly something worth listening to and should give some kind of expectation over what kind of stuff that music fans can get for the next two releases.


Full Track Listing for Paul Maged's New Album “Light Years Away”:

album's release date: October 10, 2017


  1. PC Police

  2. Moment of Strength

  3. Light Years Away

  4. Ashley Jane

  5. Half Moon

  6. Like a Stone

  7. Moment of Strength reprise


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'Light Years Away' :