Album View: Tony MacAlpine's New Album "Death Of Roses"

Following his recovery from a dangerous battle with cancer, guitar virtuoso, Tony MacAlpine didn't want to miss the opportunity in thanking everyone who has supported him during his tough time by gifting them a new album entitled “Death Of Roses”, which was officially released on September 1. In this latest outing, Tony poured his thoughts and emotion to produce seven exciting instrumental tracks which will bring tons of excitement for guitar heads out there. The maestro himself admitted that ideas for his new record basically arrived during the guitarist's recovery period, in which he starts everything inside his head before he finally able to pick up his guitar again.


Being set as the first out of 2-release project, “Death Of Roses” can be considered as a continuation of Tony's growth in producing energetic hard-rock, progressive metal style filled with enchanting melodies, exquisite riffs even excellent piano playing. The virtuoso started out his musical adventure with a track called 'Chrome Castles' that immediately brings out that strong energy with heavy riffs, catchy melodies and fine arrangement overall. Certainly an up lifting piece that can get its listener going right from the get go, without even hesitating on whether they are keen on continuing the musical journey or not. 'Eletric Illusionist' has a more complex feel with that progressive metal approach being introduced straight from the intro. Intriguing and fascinating solos can also be heard from this track, proving that despite experiencing a bad illness period, the maestro never lose his touch.


'Synthetic Serenity' offers another exciting, intriguing and dazzling musical piece as despite its strong complexity this track can somehow built certain emotion that makes it quite interesting, especially with the lovely piano melodies being inserted in some part of the song. The album's title track capture a more hard rock kind of element, especially with its big riffs and melodic plays. There's also that unique along with mysterious atmosphere being presented by the track, as it wants to take music lover into a different dimension or place. Another complex stuff is offered in 'Axiomatic Jewels' that also has a slight modern flavor along with some nice bass lines coloring the whole track. A hard rock metal with that bit of funky element is something that we can hear from 'Entropy', that continue to show the musical prowess of Tony MacAlpine.


The album is finally being concluded with a lovely musical piece called 'Shundor Prithibi' which started out with such beautiful piano playing, before suddenly entering that heavy prog metal element with complex guitar riffs. Overall, “Death Of Roses” is another musical masterpiece brought by the guitar maestro, who never seems to lose any of his quality despite the struggle he was facing while recovering from his illness. The record might not be something super ear catchy for everyone, but it's still quite enjoyable instrumental record that should attract not just guitar heads, but plenty hard rock or metal enthusiasts out there. Since this new album is already out since September 1, music lovers can already get their hands on them, so get your hands on it through any online music stores you know.


Full track listing for Tony MacAlpine's new album “Death Of Roses”:


-Chrome Castles
-Electric Illusionist
-Synthetic Serenity
-Death of Roses
-Axiomatic Jewels
-Shundor Prithibi


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