Anticipating Richie Kotzen’s New Album in 2017

Exciting news arrived for guitar heads and all blues rock music enthusiast as Richie Kotzen is set to release his new solo album in 2017. The Winery Dogs’ vocalist/guitarist confirmed that news via his official social media page, adding another information which seems to be the upcoming record’s title, “Salting Earth”. Unfortunately, Kotzen still hasn’t confirmed any official date as just yet, giving that sense of curiosity among music fans who are keen on checking out the maestro’s latest stuff. The positive thing, 2017 is just around the corner, so it might not take that long for music lovers to finally check out RK’s new CD.

Albeit not many other details being released as just yet for the new album, it’s still an interesting news, especially for Kotzen’s devotees who are keen on checking the maestro’s new solo release as he recently has been quite busy with The Winery Dogs. Moreover, the upcoming CD’s outing continue to prove how active RK’s in terms of producing his music works as he seems to release records every year, including the axeman’s stuff with The Dogs. The former MR Big’s guitarist’s latest solo release was “Cannibals” back in 2015 and it was soon followed with a special Live DVD outing also in the same year.

Another thing that fans are also waiting from Kotzen in his new record is what musical direction will the virtuoso mainly take, as throughout the years, he already had several different approach from rock-blues into jazz and even adding more RnB vibe into his stuff. Personally, I’d love to hear more of his rock-blues kind of thingy since it’s the genre that I started to have such strong affection towards RK’s solo stuff. However, the maestro’s work with The Winery Dogs, which have more rock atmosphere, might be considered enough by him to fulfill his rockin’ energy. Nevertheless, it’s always intriguing to check out the stuff from such creative musician such as Richie Kotzen.

While waiting for the upcoming new album, check out the latest songs released by Richie Kotzen:

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