Beyond Unbroken’s Latest MV ‘Memories’

After such hectic month, I finally got the time for completing and publishing more music stuff and for today, it’s a pleasure to get things going again with this recent music video from metal core/post hardcore act, Beyond Unbroken. The Phoenix, Arizona based rockers shared an exciting MV for their track entitled ‘Memories’, which received its’ official premier on August 17, 2018. That clip itself was being directed by Jacob Reynolds and has a kind of dark atmosphere, notably with somewhat bleak story line along with gloomy kind of feel.

The music video showed a small kid entering some sort of mysterious empty building searching for something, while the band are also performing there. Although being set in a quite dark and mysterious atmosphere there’s that sad fee into it since the clip was made to describe about ‘Memories’ which is a song about coping with losing your loved ones. It’s really a well made MV, that pretty much capture the essence of the song in such fine manner, without creating any unnecessary confusion, which can sometimes happen in other videos.

Speaking more about the song itself, ‘Memories’ is a post hardcore piece with strong melodic sense that makes it very enjoyable for music lover, even for those who might not be a hardcore/ metal enthusiasts notably since it has a clear vocal. The strong rockin’ sound create an exciting energy without overpowering the meaningful feel that being represented by its melodies. This track is certainly something fun and entertaining for rock/metal lovers, who are craving for to experience type of genre being presented by relatively new band that also possessed competent musical qualities.

This new song is also part of Beyond Unbroken’s latest EP entitled “Don’t Wake The Dead”, which received its official release back on September 1, 2017. As for the ‘Memories’ video, its the follow up of their previous clip for a song called ‘Overdose’ that attracted many music enthusiasts as it has been watched more than 1 million time on Youtube. Meanwhile, the new clip itself looks like another success as since it’s first release on August 17, it’s now been streamed by more than 70,000 people. It once again showed the excellent potential that this band have, something that mostly inspired them in working on a full length record scheduled for early 2019 release.

More information about Beyond Unbroken can be found at:


For those who haven’t seen Beyond Unbroken’s music video for ‘Memoeries’, here it is:

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