Paul Gilbert Confirming Recording Process for New Album

In this midst of uncertainties, guitar maestro, Paul Gilbert shared a quite exciting news for all music fans along with guitar heads out there. The Mr. Big guitarist recently confirming on his official instagram account that he has just started recording for his new solo album, potentially for the “Werewolves of Portland”, which is yet to be released.

The maestro was showing his cool and laid back look while also posting picture of several pedals that he most likely will be using for his upcoming new record. Certainly an exciting news for the guitar virtuoso to work on something new amid this current pandemic situation which pretty much halting any normal live shows in all over the world for the time being.

“The Werewolves of Portland” itself was supposedly got released in June 2020, but it’s apparently now set for late 2020. Nevertheless, there’s always a possibility that Paul is already working at another record, since there’s still not much details that the maestro shared on his official instagram account.

His latest album that already had an official released was “Behold Electric Guitar” back in 2019 and received  a very good response from music enthusiasts and guitar maniacs across the globe. It remains to be seen on whether the new stuff he’s working on is indeed a follow up for “Werewolves of Portland”, or PG is still working on some tweak for that record.



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